How To Get A Body Like Beyoncé In 10 Bootylicious Steps

How To Get A Body Like Beyoncé In 10 Bootylicious Steps

Beyoncé has a great body. Many black women, and even many non black women wish they had a body like queen Bee’s. But what does Beyoncé do to make her body look so good?

In this article we look at just that! Here are 10 steps you can take to get you a bootylicious body like Beyoncé’s!

Step One: Eat Less Junk

Black lady eating healthy for a better bodyBlack women love their food! From fried chicken to BBQ burgers, the food keeps calling out to them. Well, to get a body like Beyoncé’s, you will have to cut down on the junk. It is not wrong to have some junk once in a while but overindulging is the problem. You should cut down on foods containing lots of sugar or salt. Try as much as possible to keep your meals healthy. You should also ensure that you take three meals every day and two small snacks. Skipping meals is unhealthy and makes you eat much more food later on. Beyoncé enjoys snacks such almonds, oat cakes and fruits which help to keep her energized throughout the day.

Step Two: Drink More Water For A Body Like Beyoncé

Black lady drinking waterThe benefits of water cannot be underestimated. Beyoncé drinks a lot of water to keep her body hydrated and her skin glowing. Water also plays an important role of cleansing the body and getting rid of all unwanted substances. To get curves like Beyoncé’s you should ensure that you take as much water as your body requires. Every person is different so there is no maximum amount of water you should take. Beyoncé also takes in fluids through other drinks such as smoothies and protein shakes. Remember that these drinks also contribute to the amount of water you take. However, you should make an effort of drinking a certain amount of plain water.

Step Three: Dance Your Heart Out (To Beyoncé Hits Of Course)

Beyonce dancing on stage getting her body fitBeyoncé loves dancing and it is one of the things that have contributed to her killer body. Dancing is her favorite form of workout. Dancing is fun and you work out without even realizing it. All you have to do is find a song that will get you dancing and dance your heart out. The good thing about dancing is that you can do it daily without getting bored. All you have to do is change the songs and dance to the one that you are into at the moment. If you have no idea where to start, dance to this dance routine by Beyoncé. This dance routine is a full body workout which Beyoncé made. It was part of a campaign called Let’s Move which was meant to address child obesity.

Step Four: Maintain Your Bootylicious Curves

How to get Beyonce curvesIf you want to have a body like Beyoncé’s then you need to have some curves. This means that the goal of your workout should not be about losing a lot of weight. Your focus should be on toning your muscles. Having some curves is absolutely okay. To tone your thighs, you can do jump lunges, reverse squat kicks, pelvic lifts and plié jumps. Just remember to keep it fun and remember that in the end, you want to get curves, not get flat.

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