How To Fix A Relationship And Rebuild Trust After Cheating

How To Fix A Relationship And Rebuild Trust After Cheating

Cheating, for the innocent person, is a difficult pill to swallow. Its bitter aftertaste has resulted in the death of countless relationships. Are you suffering from the effects of an infidelity in your relationship?

You love your partner; separating is not in the cards. However, the betrayal cuts deeper than a two-edged sword – whether you are the innocent person or the wrongdoer. How can you move past the deed, save your relationship, and regain the intimate trust you once enjoyed?

This article provides the help you need to decide if your relationship has hit the bucket or whether it can be saved and reworked to a healthy state.

Can A Relationship Still Work After Infidelity? Will It Be A Healthy One Again?

Black Couple Embracing Each Other Even After One Has Cheated

In short, yes. A relationship can work after an infidelity. Think about a relationship as a knot. When a person cheats in a relationship, that knot can be loosened. However, once you and your partner are committed to the relationship and give it time to heal, that thread can be woven back together.

Instead of going separate ways, you both can work hard to patch things up. It’s easy to tear down bridges; building one, however, takes work and time. Regaining lost trust is one of the most difficult bridges to build in a marriage. But, to get back to a healthy state, one free from grudges and resentment, you must learn how to trust again.

Your relationship isn’t doomed, but how can you save it after cheating?

How To Save Your Relationship After Cheating

Work Together As A Team

A Couple Refusing To Work Together After An Act of Infidelity

Teamwork needs a seat in your relationship, especially after an affair has taken place. If you wish to continue with the relationship but your partner has doubts, there will be more trouble in ‘paradise’. Your efforts to patch things up will be useless.

Work together. Sure, you’ve messed up big time and your partner deserves to be angry and upset. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your partner doesn’t grieve in silence. They’ll likely suffer from withdrawal; take the first step to show that you want to fix the problem. After all, you’re the wrongdoer. When you make the first move, you’re showing your partner that you love them deeply.

Here’s what you can try. Sit your partner down and ask if they wish to proceed with the relationship. Can they live with what you did, forgive, and let go? It’s important to be clear when working as a team. Once you’re both willing to keep the relationship going, the healing process begins. It takes two to tango.

Be Open And Honest With Each Other

A Couple Openly and Honestly Communicating After Being Affected By Adultery

A relationship without trust is destined to fail. One way to build trust and save your relationship is to be honest. Talk about the cheating with your partner. Though painful, it’s necessary. Your partner will want to know how it happened, when it happened, who made the first move and oddly, whether you liked it. Open your heart to communication. You might not be willing to reveal details of the affair, but you owe it to your partner to come clean.

Be open about your activities throughout any given day. Your spouse should know where you are, what you plan to do after work, and other important details. This is the price you must pay for letting them down and how you may be able to regain their trust. When you make it a habit to share these things with your partner, they’re less likely to be suspicious of your activities. It puts them at ease. Do you lock your devices with a password? Remove it. If you’re not able to, grant your partner access. That shows you have nothing to hide.

Get Rid Of Past Habits And Tendencies

Black Woman Flirting With A Man Who Is Not Her Mate

Your past habits and actions likely led to your infidelity. Take steps to tackle them. Do you find it easy to flirt with those of the opposite sex? Do you almost always find yourself in situations that could cause you to cheat? Do you give out your personal details? Do you work late nights in the company of the opposite sex?

Stop and think. If the affair happened at your place of employment, what actions can be taken to minimize contact with the person you got involved with? Could you change your shift? Better yet, could you remove the temptation altogether and find another job? That sounds drastic, but if you’re bent on saving your relationship, your partner needs to see that you’re sorry and taking practical steps to avoid falling into the same trap.

Express Reassurance

Black Woman Expresses Assurance For Her Mate By Indicating With A Heart Sign

Your partner will be hurt and rightly so. They will need to be assured of your love. While you take practical steps to save your relationship, you must reassure your partner by telling them that you love and care for them.

If you have to say ‘I love you’ a thousand times a day, that’s a price you should be willing to pay. Reassurance comes in more ways than one. Think about a few things you can do to make your partner feel good about themselves and about the relationship.

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