How To Feel Secure In Your Relationship

How To Feel Secure In Your Relationship

There are times when the dating scene can be so discouraging that it makes you lose your confidence in some areas. Whether it’s a bad breakup or constant rejection, it makes us a bit more apprehensive in our actions the next time around.

But the most important thing to keep in mind is to push through when the going gets rough. Here are a few reminders to keep in mind to feel more secure with yourself when it comes to dating others and being in relationships.

Never Rush Things In A Relationship

Take your time with relationships and feel more secureThis pretty much goes without saying. Dating requires a lot of patience, and even more when you’re in a committed relationship; you can’t force something to happen, no matter how bad you want it. When you do, the relationship isn’t going to be as rewarding as you would want it to be. You also run the risk of pushing your partner away. Not everyone moves at the same pace as you, so remember to take their feelings into consideration when it comes to the big steps.

Never Compare Your Relationship Situation To Others

Don't compare your relationship to other couplesHave you ever come across that one couple who appears to be the embodiment of what a perfect relationship should be? Whether you’ve seen them in passing or know them personally, for some they serve as that standard that a relationship should reach. While there’s nothing wrong with admiring them, it’s a whole different story when you try living up to their standards.

Trying to be someone else and living up to another person’s standards in any way is never a good idea. That’s even more true with relationships, where every couple has their own set of standards.

Let Go Of Your Past To Help You Feel More Secure In Your Current Relationship

How to feel secure in relationships despite bad past onesIt can be pretty hard to move on from past relationships. It’s even harder when we refuse to let go of them. There is nothing inherently wrong with being friends with exes–I still keep in touch with a couple of mine. However, I had to first come to terms with the past and let go of it in order to get to this point. Forcing a good relationship or holding a grudge against them doesn’t do anyone any favors and just hurts you in the end. If it takes cutting off all ties with your ex for you to completely move on, then go for it. Otherwise,

Give Him The Benefit Of The Doubt

Give your man the benefit of the doubtTrust can be hard to build up once it’s broken, causing us to close off and not connect with others. However, this keeps us from making significant bonds–not just with our significant others, but also with our friends and family. This isn’t to say that you should always wear your heart on your sleeve; just remember that whichever person you are with now wasn’t the one who broke your trust. Give them a chance to prove that they are trustworthy, and keep your heart open to the possibilities.

Face Your Issues

Face your issues, this will help you feel more secureOne of the worst things that you can do in a relationship–and in your personal life– is to refuse to face and resolve the issues impacting your life. Whether it’s regular everyday issues or something more personal, the sooner you face them and get them resolved the happier you and your partner will be.

This also applies to when you’re not dating. No matter what happens in any aspect of your life, you still have to deal with the real world. When you refuse to deal with whatever issues that you are currently facing, you are ignoring the chance to grow from the experience. If the problems you are facing run on a more personal level, it’s best to face them now than waiting until they begin affecting your daily routine.

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