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How To Do A Hot Oil Treatment, What The Benefits Will Be [& More]

How To Do A Hot Oil Treatment

How Often Should You Do A Hot Oil Treatment For The Best Benefits?

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How often you should use a hot oil treatment depends on the previous treatments that have been used on the hair. If the hot oil treatment is being used to moisturize and condition dry hair, it is recommended that the treatment be performed once a week for twenty to thirty minutes (or overnight for a more intense penetration). This treatment is best paired with a deep conditioner afterwards.

If the treatment is used for color treated hair, it should be applied once every 2 weeks. The thing about color treated hair is the potential for bleeding and color fading. Oils and conditioners can potentially strip the color from the hair causing color treatments to appear duller. Because of this, it is recommended that hot oil treatments be used every two weeks, and are used in conjunction with color saving shampoos and deep conditioners that will reinvigorate the bright color of freshly dyed hair.

For oily hair, hot oil treatments seem like a no go. It is a misunderstanding that oiling the hair causes oil buildup. In reality, greasy hair is caused by hormones and stripping of the hair by the environment and everyday product usage. When the natural sebum is removed from the hair through those means, it causes the scalp to overproduce oil to compensate for the lack thereof. By using light oils such as sweet almond and grapeseed for hot oil treatments, the balance of oil is maintained and supported keeping the overproduction of oil at bay. It is not recommended to leave hot oil treatments with oily hair beyond an hour. Going beyond that time runs the risk of weighing the hair down.

For normal hair, hot oil treatments may not be a necessity. However, using a hot oil treatment once a month will keep the scalp balanced and hair moisturized. Weekly use is optional, but there is more freedom to use treatments on an as needed basis with this hair type.

Can I Use Hot Oil Treatment For Relaxed Or Damaged Hair?

Hot Oil Treatment For Relaxed Or Damaged Hair?

Hot oil treatments are perfect for damaged and relaxed black hair because they infuse protein into the hair shaft which helps with strength and length retention. Relaxers work to loosen the hair texture of black hair, by breaking down the keratin structures within the hair shaft. This leaves the hair smoother and straighter, but also more porous with trouble holding on to moisture as well as a lack of strength and elasticity. Hot oil treatments help to restore the balance and strength to chemically or environmentally damaged hair and are gentle enough to do so without worry or damage from over moisturizing.

Can Hot Oil Treatments Help with Hair Growth?

Hot Oil Treatments Can Help With Natural Afro Hair Growth

The heat and moisture from hot oil treatments stimulate the scalp for growth and retention. Even though the growth rate is important, the key to actually growing hair is retaining the length. The conditioning and nourishment that comes from hot oil treatment prevent split ends, which helps hair to maintain its length through the duration of its growth. Many people report great success in using hot oil in conjunction with oil massages, or essential oil blends including tea tree or rosemary.

How To Do A Hot Oil Treatment, What The Benefits Will Be Conclusion

Hot oil treatments are an easy way to keep hair healthy and conditioned without adding any harmful chemicals or strong products to the hair. They are great for fine and sensitive locks, but still provide a soft, bouncy flow to previously brittle hair. Have you ever tried a hot oil treatment? Let us know how it went in the comment section below. Be sure to check out this post for some leave-in conditioners that would pair perfectly with your hot oil!

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