/ / Hotel vs Hostel vs Apartment vs Airbnb – Where Should You Stay When Traveling Abroad? Pros And Cons Of Each

Hotel vs Hostel vs Apartment vs Airbnb – Where Should You Stay When Traveling Abroad? Pros And Cons Of Each

Hotel vs Hostel vs Apartment vs Airbnb - where should you stay when traveling abroad? Pros and cons of each


Airbnb rooms are a good alternaltive to hostels, hotels and apartments when taking a vacation

Pros Of Staying At An Airnnb:

Airbnb offers a home away from home…without the commitment. If the thought of signing your name to even the shortest of leases gives you chills, then Airbnb might be perfect for you. It offers all of the comforts of apartment living without the legal responsibilities.

No more hours spent moving in and settling down. Airbnb offers a fully-furnished apartment for a night. This is perfect if you’re staying in a city for just a few days, but you still want to feel like a local while you’re there.

The perfect Airbnb host is like a concierge. Hosts are often friendly, they’re eager to show you around and give you travel tips. Some even stock the fridge for you.

But if you’re an introvert, don’t worry: Many hosts offer to leave the key under the mat. You can let yourself in and make yourself at home without ever having to see a soul. Bliss.

Airbnbs are often in great locations. They have to be since they’re more commercial than regular apartments, and few people will rent an Airbnb if it’s far away from the main attractions.

Know what you’re getting into ahead of time by looking at a listing’s ratings on the site. The ratings will tell you whether a host is helpful, whether a location is convenient and whether a space really looks as good as the photos.

A woman of color chilling out at one of the best Airbnbs rooms around

Cons Of Staying At An Airnnb:

No matter how many ratings you read, you’ll never be prepared for the actual Airbnb. Some listings will surprise you – they’ll actually look better than in the photos! But the often is often true: Like meeting a Tinder date in real life, seeing the Airbnb is often disappointing as you realize that the space is not nearly as private, clean or convenient as you’d hoped.

They’re also fairly expensive. Because they’re effectively boutique hotel-apartments, Airbnbs can become as expensive as a hotel – or more so. In France, you can rent a private chateau for $10,000 a night.

Airbnbs are unreliable. Hosts can cancel on you at the last minute. Sometimes hosts disappear without ever letting you into the apartment. Sometimes hosts are unavailable to reach by phone, so you might have to wait several hours before finally getting in contact. Always have a backup plan (or several).

Similarly, sometimes hosts don’t even live in the same country as the Airbnb. Many hosts have become long-distance landlords who rent apartments all over the world. That means you’re on your own if there’s an emergency.

Unlike at a hotel, checking in and out of an Airbnb is often the worst part. Sometimes keys don’t work. Sometimes suspicious neighbors ask a lot of questions. Sometimes Airbnbs are illegal, so the landlord might get nosy when he sees you fishing in the flower pot for a key. And cleaning charges will always vary; sometimes “cleaning charges” cost as much as the Airbnb itself!

Book a space at the official Airbnb website.

Hotel vs Hostel vs Apartment vs Airbnb – Where Should You Stay When Traveling Abroad? Pros And Cons Of Each

There’s no place like home. Do your research to figure out which option is best for you, and then relax and enjoy your new home away from home!

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