Hotel vs Hostel vs Apartment vs Airbnb – Where Should You Stay When Traveling Abroad? Pros And Cons Of Each

Hotel vs Hostel vs Apartment vs Airbnb - where should you stay when traveling abroad? Pros and cons of each


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Pros Of Staying At An Apartment:

If you truly want to live like a local, rent an apartment. After all, the only way to really experience a city is to live there, and an apartment forces you to have an authentic experience. You’ll cook all your own food, do all your own grocery shopping, and settle into everyday life.

An apartment is extremely private, so if you’re looking for a place to unwind in peace, this is a top choice.

Apartments are perfect for large groups. Renting separate hotel rooms for all of your friends would get expensive fast, but splitting the cost of a three-bedroom apartment is far more affordable. If you have a family, an apartment will give you and you kids space to breathe.

Most apartments are pet-friendly, so if you can’t bear to leave Snoopy at home, bring him.

If you want to settle into a city for a longer period of time, you’ll need the stability that an apartment offers. You’ll need a place to come home to every day – a place where you don’t have to fight with twenty hostel roommates that don’t clean, or worry about exorbitant room service charges.

Despite what you’re used to, these apartments carry no long-term lease and no commitment. Sites like VRBO and HomeAway let you rent vacation apartments. A vacation apartment is on a flexible lease, anywhere from a few days to several months, and comes fully furnished.

Apartments are affordable. Despite being fully-furnished, completely private and centrally-located, many vacation apartments are less than $1000 a month even in cities where the average apartment is $2000+. For example, apartments on Wimdu start from $390 a month.

African American couple in a rented holiday apartment

Cons Of Staying At An Apartment:

The nice thing about a hotel is that it provides free cleaning, free breakfast and free concierge service. Not in an apartment. When you’re in a new city, independence can be a burden. You have to do all of your own cooking, cleaning, and trip planning, which can be hard in a country where you don’t speak the language.

Little things are different abroad. For example, in your home city, you might be used to paying your electricity bills one way, but in another city, there might be a completely different process. Suddenly small logistical matters can become major headaches.

Cheap apartments aren’t always convenient. In exchange for living in an affordable apartment, you might be far away from the city, so be prepared to either learn the public transportation system or spend a fortune on Uber.

Noisy, nosy neighbors are a pain. You have no idea who is living in the apartment next to you. It could be a handsome man who will become your future husband. It could be a couple who fights at 3 a.m.

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