/ / Hotel vs Hostel vs Apartment vs Airbnb – Where Should You Stay When Traveling Abroad? Pros And Cons Of Each

Hotel vs Hostel vs Apartment vs Airbnb – Where Should You Stay When Traveling Abroad? Pros And Cons Of Each

Hotel vs Hostel vs Apartment vs Airbnb - where should you stay when traveling abroad? Pros and cons of each


Is staying in a cheap hostel good when travelling?

Pros Of Staying At A Hostel:

A hostel is an adventure all on its own. You never know what you’re going to get. Some Dublin hostels double as rock-n-roll concert halls, while the ones in Tenerife revolve around surfing.

You’ll make new best friends with people from all over the world. A hostel is one of the only places where people from dozens of countries can randomly find themselves living together and loving it. You’ll make friends with people you never thought you would, from Australian backpackers with blonde dreadlocks to Bolivian nuns-in-training to award-winning artists. (I’m speaking from experience.)

If you have a $5 bill, you can afford a hostel, which are notoriously cheap. They usually range from a few dollars to around $30, even in the best areas of the most popular cities. In London, you can stay in the heart of the city for less than $20 a night. Many will give you a free stay in exchange for contributing something, such as live music.

Some hostels have age limits, so most of the travelers are in their twenties. If you’re young and adventurous, this is the perfect crowd.

Most hostels host nightly events, everything from concerts to games to drinking parties to scavenger hunts to painting sessions. Let loose. You might enjoy something you never thought you would.

Hostels offer extreme flexibility. They’re cheap enough to live in for long periods of time, so you can extend your stay in your favorite city without draining your bank account. Most of them accept same-day reservations, which is perfect if you’re a spontaneous traveler. And hostels are everywhere, so if you find yourself hopping to a new town every day, you’ll always find somewhere cheap to lay your head.

A potential hostel to stay at

Pros Of Staying At A Hostel:

Remember when I said most hostel travelers were in their twenties? Well, that can also be a con. They’re often noisy at night, and rowdy, drunk twenty-year-olds aren’t always the best companions.

Hostels cram dozens of people in a room, bunk-style. That means no privacy, and it can also mean no cleanliness.

Even the nicest hostels can be located in seedy areas. That’s why many of them are so cheap – they may be located in the center of a city, but they’re located in the back alleys that few people want to visit.

Many hostels have age limits, but not all of them. In hostels without age limits, there’s always that one much older man who lurks around, trying to make conversation with teenagers. Because many hostels are co-ed, this man might sleep in the bed right next to you. Check the age policy before you book a bed.

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