Hotel vs Hostel vs Apartment vs Airbnb – Where Should You Stay When Traveling Abroad? Pros And Cons Of Each

Hotel vs Hostel vs Apartment vs Airbnb - where should you stay when traveling abroad? Pros and cons of each

When you’re exploring a new country, at the end of each long day you’re going to need a cozy home to come back to – but where is home?

Home might be the penthouse suite of a luxury hotel, or it might be the lively lobby of a youth hostel full of international travelers. Home might be a rustic apartment that you rent for two months or a chic Airbnb that you book for two nights.

With so many options, how will you decide? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.


Which is better, a hotel or Airbnb?

Pros Of Staying At A Hotel:

Ah, hotels, the pinnacle the of luxury. In a hotel, the mini fridge is stocked with food, the perfumed sheets are sparkling white, the room service menu is endless and chocolates adorn your pillows. You can rub your cheeks on soft, clean towels or watch one of the countless channels that are available on televisions in most hotels.

Hotels are cleaned daily, you’ll come home to a sparkling clean room when you return from your day’s adventures.

Hotels have amenities like pools and jacuzzis, so even if you’re vacationing somewhere one hundred miles from the beach, you’ll still be able to go for a midnight swim.

The 24/7 reception means that an employee will be able to cater to your needs at all hours of the day. Receptions also offer concierge services that will help you map out the best things to do in the city, which means no more scouring Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Hotels are centrally located near all of the major tourist attractions, so you won’t have to worry about taking transportation across town in order to see the most exciting attractions. Many times, all of the best activities are within walking distance of the front desk.

Many hotels are located in good neighborhoods with 24/7 security, so you can feel safe coming home late at night.

And we can’t overlook the complimentary breakfasts. You need all the energy that you can get for a full day of adventuring, so be sure to grab a steaming cup of coffee, a custom-made omelet and plenty of fruit.

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Cons Of Staying At A Hotel:

Hotels are extremely expensive. Dubai’s seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel costs up to $24,000 a night (but unless you’re a billionaire from a Rochelle Williams novel, you probably won’t have to worry about that).

But even lower-priced hotels usually cost at least $100 a night (and often $400+), making this extremely inconvenient for long-term travel. If you’re hoping to spend more than a couple of weeks abroad, then a hotel can drain your bank account.

Because hotels are located in tourist-heavy areas, you won’t really get to see the city. Sure, you’ll see a sanitized version, complete with overpriced souvenirs, but you won’t get an authentic experience . That’s like going to New York City but only visiting Time Square – if you haven’t eaten pizza at a grimy counter in downtown Manhattan, stumbled upon a hidden 1920s speakeasy in Bushwick and listened to jazz in Harlem, have you actually seen the city? Half the fun of traveling is finding hidden treasures.

Plus, everything is overpriced in the tourist-heavy areas near hotels, so be prepared to spend far, far more than you should for everything.

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