He Said I Love You Too Soon, What Should I Do?

He said I love you too soon

Gauge Whether He’s Emotional

He said I love you too soon, what to doLife’s full of ups and downs. When it comes to a relationship, it feels great when you go through a milestone with your partner.

However, these moments make us emotionally weak. This means that if you share a milestone together he might think that he loves you.

At this point, you shouldn’t take him too seriously. Revisit the topic when both of you aren’t clouded by emotions.

Express Your Feelings

A close up of a black coupleThe greatest danger to a relationship is the absence of proper communication. The best thing to do is to say exactly what you feel.

The man can’t read your mind. You’ll have to tell him what you think and what you expect.

Tell him whether you think that it is too soon for you to start saying “I love you” or not. This way, you’ll clearly express your emotions and he’ll know exactly what to expect from the relationship.

If He Tells You He Loves You Too Soon, Suggest That You Take It Slow

A happy coupleBlack women find it hard to rush a relationship. This is usually triggered by what they’ve witnessed in other people’s relationships or in their past ones. When you feel that you’re being rushed, keep in mind that you have the power to control the pace of the relationship. Tell your partner that things are moving too fast for you and you’d like to take it slow. If he is an understanding man, he’ll surely go at your pace.

Don’t Dwell On It So Much

A happy black coupleWe black women have a reputation of sweating the small stuff. You might be over-thinking the whole “I love you” phrase. Maybe he says that to all his friends and it means the same as I like you. The best thing is to seek clarification from him. Tell him that you’re beginning to like him and you might find that that’s what he meant too. So, don’t really think about it too much.

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  1. On a snapchat post, my boyfriend said “I love my girlfriend.” We’ve only been dating for around maybe 2 weeks, but we’ve known each other longer. He didn’t say it to me directly but it still felt way to soon. What should I do (I really like this guy)?

  2. My boyfriend texted me on Snapchat and said “I love you”. We just met online last week and started dating a few days ago. He said he wanted to wait to say it, but couldn’t resist telling me how he felt. I really like him, but I don’t know what to do.

  3. I know this is an older article but I’m currently finding myself in a similar situation. I really like a guy that I’ve been known for seven years. Although we had a one night stand about five years ago, we still remain friends, (coworkers, but we no longer work in the same office). He has been suggesting that we date over the last few months so I’m giving it a try. The issue is that over the last three days he has texted that he loves me a few times. At first I just ignored it but today I decided to reply, “I don’t think you know me well enough to love me”. He replied “We’ve known each other for seven years, but OK”. I didn’t respond after that because yes we’ve known each other for a while but not in the context of being lovers. That one night stand happened years ago and, it was just that, then hiding it from the rest of our coworkers after that.

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