Girls Night In Ideas, 10 Top Activities For A Get Together Your Friends Will Never Forget

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5. Take a Class Together

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In many cities and suburbs, private enrichment classes like dancing, cooking, personal coaching and even beauty are offered in home environments for reasonable prices. Gather your girls and decide on an exciting topic your group would like to learn. Set aside time for an evening to learn your chosen lesson from a professional in the field.

An excellent idea for a girl’s night is makeup! Hire a great makeup artist to teach your girls the ins and outs of makeup fundamentals.

In a few hours, an artist can cover skin prep, foundation application, highlighting, contouring and more! This is a great way to gain useful knowledge on many topics in a comfortable environment with some of your favorite people.

6. Creative Expression Night

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Art as a hobby is something lost in the rush of our modern day and age. In the midst of our busy lives, it is difficult to find time to express ourselves and let our creative energy flow naturally. What better time to release this energy than when surrounded by the women you love? Hold an art night and plan craft and DIY projects; like your childhood with a luxe spin. Search Pinterest and Craftgawker for cute ideas and exciting projects that will bring your girls together. Dip-painted wine glasses, glitter soled heels, and ink dyed coasters are all fun easy ways to get to know a different side of your friends while creating keepsakes that will be with you for a lifetime. If you would like to explore more of an emotional side, get your Nikki Giovanni on and share poetry, writing, art or other creative works. At the end of the night, you can opt to keep your projects or swap them among each other for a more personal touch.

7. Salon/Spa Night

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We all know this go-to girl’s night in, and its popularity is because it combines everything we love: relaxation, beauty, and FUN! Gather your favorite mud masks, mani/pedi kits, hot towels and get your night started. Clear out an open space in your living room and bathroom. Designate the bathroom as a station to apply masks, serums, and other messy items. Use a slow-cooker to keep a stash of moist towels warm. These “steamy” towels to finish and seal the skin after the application of your mask and serums. They will help products to absorb while leaving your skin baby soft. Your lounge area in the living room is where you and your girls can relax, soak in your masks, begin your mani/pedis, and let the girl talk fly. This would be a great opportunity to try new beauty techniques, address skin and hair concerns, and reflect on old traditions passed down by family beauties before you.

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