Girls Night In Ideas, 10 Top Activities For A Get Together Your Friends Will Never Forget

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Sometimes, a girls night does not need to include leaving the house to be a perfect time. A night on the town can be energy draining, time-consuming, and suck the fun out of bonding with your girlfriends in a positive way.

Are crowded dancefloors, loud music, and expensive drinks not your scene? Check out the girls night in ideas below for get-togethers sure to make lasting memories!

1. Girls Night In Ideas: TV/Movie Binge

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This is a girl’s night in classic! There is nothing more relaxing than crashing on a big comfy couch with cocktails and blankets to binge on a season or two of your favorite TV shows. This cheap girl’s night idea is easy to complete if you have already subscribed to services like Hulu or Netflix. If not, no worries! TV providers offer video on demand services that often include current seasons of shows from most popular networks. Make the event more inviting by giving it a pajama or costume night. You can also choose a theme for the shows based on favorite directors, writers, genres, or settings. If your group is a fan of stronger drinks, shows are easily turned into drinking games. You can create this game or find ideas online (Pinterest has many great printables for just this!). Binge on Empire and take a drink every time Luscious Lyon betrays a family member. That will get the party started!

2. Fashion Show

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Your best fashion pals will always be your girls, and there is no better way to celebrate that than throwing a girl’s night in with style. Have your friends pick out their favorite fits: dresses, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and anything else that makes them feel like the best dressed on the real world catwalk. Bring them to the event and prepare for the show. It is very easy to get creative with this idea. Set up a  runway with the spotlight and trendy music included (Change Clothes by Jay-Z anyone?). Put on your best Naomi Campbell walks and do your thing! This can be a great bonding experience and opportunity to trade style tips, let go of insecurities and have fun. For even more entertainment, set up a barter system and trade items with friends. Trading items allow your girls to clean out those “old but fly” pieces from their closets and gain new clothing from their besties. The combination of getting a new look and sentimental reminder of your night makes for a great time!

3. Book Night In With The Girls

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A book night is a more intimate event that requires a bit of planning, but it is great for those friends who enjoy reading and would love to share a good book with their closest girls. Start by choosing an exciting, popular title that is a short but straightforward read yet relevant to those with whom you surround yourself. Set a specific time to complete the book taking into account schedules of the group for which you are planning. Distribute a good set of discussion guiding questions and find ways to relate the themes and stories within the book to your friendships with each other. As a bonus, you could choose a book that adapted into a movie, and compare the two with your friends ( the classic book “A Wrinkle in Time” By Madeleine L’Engle is being adapted into a movie by Ava DuVernay). This idea is great for literature and film buffs while giving a fun way to incorporate learning and enrichment into a night with your girlfriends.

4. Zen Retreat

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Sometimes a night of zen is all you need with your squad. How about a peaceful evening of self-care focusing on centering the body and mind? Turn your girl’s night into a holistic retreat. Clear out space in your living room and add tons of pillows, candles, incense, and yoga mats. Set the table with healthy snacks and finger foods, and add a tea station to keep everyone refreshed. Open the night with a candle lighting ceremony to establish an ambiance of balance and peace. Utilize this time to take up a practice with your girls. Activities like restorative yoga, intention setting, and group meditation are perfect beginner activities that can foster spiritual growth and connection individually and within a group of friends. A good girl’s retreat could bring changes to self and relationships that you could not imagine!

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