17 Easy Chin Chin Recipes

Easy Chin Chin Recipes

If you’ve never heard of chin chin, you’re in for a real treat. These addictive, bite-sized cookies are famous in West Africa and, fortunately, straightforward to make. You can enjoy your chin chin sweet, savory, or a combination of both.

Every African family has its own recipe for making chin chin, but the essential components are generally the same; butter, four, milk, and seasoning.

People traditionally fry chin chin, but you can also bake or air fry it as well for a healthier and still satisfying option. Use these easy chin chin recipes as guides, and feel free to put your own spin on this iconic African treat. 

1. Chin Chin by Kiki Foodies

Chin Chin by Kiki Foodies

Kiki Foodie’s chin chin is so easy that you’ll have a perfect batch of piping hot chin chin within less than an hour. As with most chin chin recipes, it involves flour, milk, butter, and seasoning, but there’s less liquid overall. This makes Kiki Foodies’ chin chin extra-crispy.

The other thing that sets this chin chin apart is that you don’t fry it. Instead, you bake or air fry the chin chin for a crisp and lovely texture without all that additional fat. It’s great for people who are dieting or want to cut back on their fat intake. After preparing your chin chin dough, bake it for about 20 to 25 minutes until it’s golden brown and ready to be devoured.


2. Chin Chin by Chef Lola’s Kitchen

Chin Chin by Chef Lola’s Kitchen

Chef Lola’s Kitchen’s chin chin is slightly different. Instead of baking or air frying, this recipe calls for chefs to prepare chin chin traditionally; by deep-frying it. It’s also loaded with plenty of delicious spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, and you can throw in some cayenne pepper for an additional spicy twist.

Best of all, you probably have everything that you need for Chef Lola’s Kitchen’s chin chin in your home. You can use the oil of your choice, but make sure that it’s fresh so that the chin chin doesn’t pick up any additional unwanted flavors.


3. Vegan Chin Chin by Foodasciously

Vegan Chin Chin by Foodasciously

Vegans can still enjoy chin chin, as this fantastic recipe by Foodasciously illustrates. Instead of using traditional cow’s milk, vegans can opt for almond milk. You won’t lose any texture or flavor, and everyone—vegan and otherwise—can enjoy it.

Start with potato starch and whole flour for your base, add lemon for a little bit of citrus brightness, and use nutmeg to taste. Once your dough is ready, it’s time to bake your traditional chin chin squares. First, coat the chin chin with a slight amount of oil and bake them for about 20 minutes. You’ll know that they’re done when they’re crispy and brown.


4. Easiest Nigerian Chin Chin Recipe by All Nigerian Recipes

Easiest Nigerian Chin Chin Recipe by All Nigerian Recipes

Nigeria is famous for producing some of the best chin chin on the planet, and this recipe is as authentic as they get. You’ll need Peak Milk, which you can buy at specialty stores. Every other ingredient in the recipe is a pantry staple. As with many different variations on chin chin, you can use nutmeg to taste.

Fry up your Nigerian chin chin in vegetable oil for a sweet, crunchy snack that’s perfect when it’s fresh out of the oil.


5. Chin Chin Recipe by Richeelicious

Chin Chin Recipe by Richeelicious

This chin chin recipe by Richeelicious focuses partially on making exceptional chin chin and partially on storing it properly. Like most flour-based snacks, chin chin can and will go bad if you don’t keep it right. Richeelicious’ chin chin is the classic batter combination of butter, flour, nutmeg, cinnamon, and milk, deep-fried to perfection then appropriately stored.

To prevent your chin chin from getting too hard, store it in airtight containers. Then, your chin chin will stay crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and never get too stale.


6. Nigerian Chin Chin Recipe by 9ja Foodie

Nigerian Chin Chin Recipe by 9ja Foodie

The perfect chin chin needs to have an ideal consistency, which 9ja Foodie understands. This recipe helps you customize the hardness of your chin chin by adding or eliminating an extra egg and frying it to perfection.

Your chin chin shouldn’t necessarily be smooth, according to 9ja Foodie. Instead, you want it to have a slightly crumbly texture that resembles breadcrumbs or ragged dough. Once you’ve achieved this consistency, you’re ready to roll the dough, cut it into squares and fry it up.


7. The Best Chin Chin Recipe by Precious Care

The Best Chin Chin Recipe by Precious Care

A recipe that calls itself “the best chin chin recipe” had better be good, and Precious Care does not disappoint. Not only is this chin chin phenomenal, but it’s also reasonably easy to make.

Precious Care uses traditional chin chin batter but adds her own extra flair in the form of orange zest. The orange zest lends a new layer of flavor to the chin chin dough and cuts through the richness.

She also teaches you to cut down on the oil foaming or boiling over. The trick is to add the chin chin in small batches, which keeps it fresh and tasty without bogging it down in the oil.


8. Speedy Crunchy Chin Chin by Food Recipes From My Kitchen

Speedy Crunchy Chin Chin by Food Recipes From My Kitchen

Food Recipes From My Kitchen’s Speedy Crunchy Chin Chin is an excellent option for you if you want to make super crunchy chin chin in a flash. It’s a traditional Nigerian recipe that uses margarine, flour, sugar, powdered milk, nutmeg, vanilla, and eggs.

First, mix the dry ingredients together until fully incorporated. Then, add in the butter or margarine, eggs, vanilla, and just a tiny amount of water. Remember, the more water and eggs you add, the softer your chin chin will be.


9. So Tasty Chin Chin Nigerian Dish by Best African Cuisine

So Tasty Chin Chin Nigerian Dish by Best African Cuisine

If you want to customize your chin chin to taste, check out this recipe by Best African Cuisine. Use it as a blueprint to make either a sweet or savory chin chin. Essentially, the sweet or savory chin chin base is the same; flour, spice, milk, butter, and eggs. If you want a sweeter chin chin, incorporate cinnamon or nutmeg into your dish. You can even add a splash of vanilla.

Savory chin chin has deeper spices, like cayenne pepper or even garlic. Add these to taste, mix up your dough and fry up all of that goodness in vegetable oil. Since this recipe is so simple, why not make up a batch of each?


10. Delicious Oats Chin Chin Recipe by ScotMaple

Delicious Oats Chin Chin Recipe by ScotMaple

ScotMaple’s Delicious Oats Chin Chin Recipe puts a new spin on a classic recipe by swapping out regular flour for oat flour. Doing this lends a slightly nuttier and deeper taste to your chin chin, and it’s a great variation on the theme.

However, other than a slight variation in flour type, ScotMaple’s recipe stays true to form. You’ll need sugar, nutmeg, milk, baking powder, and vegetable oil.

The recipe doesn’t call for frying the chin chin. Instead, you merely brush them with oil and bake them for about 10 minutes on high heat. Make sure that you check on your chin chin periodically to ensure that they are not burning or getting overdone.


11. Air Fryer Chin Chin by Air Fryer Yum

Air Fryer Chin Chin by Air Fryer Yum

These days, air fryers are all the rage, which is why this recipe by Air Fryer Yum is a great way to make a non-traditional but still tasty chin chin. Although you’ll cut back significantly on the fat, you won’t lose any flavor. Also, air fryers can make chin chin in a flash. Making air fryer chin chin is relatively easy, but you do have to follow a few simple steps to achieve success.

As with the traditional frying method, it’s essential to batch your chin chin. You need the hot air to move around each piece of chin chin, baking it properly. Don’t overcrowd your air fryer. Less is always more, and you’ll be happier with the crispy, tasty end product.


12. Chin Chin by Nano’s Recipes

Chin Chin by Nano’s Recipes

Chin Chin by Nano’s Recipies relies on traditional chin chin dough with a few simple tweaks. If you want a recipe that you can batch and customize, this is a great one for you to try out. The recipe gives you guidance for making both sweet and savory chin chin, although you can always add in your own spices and flavors.

For sweet chin chin, Nano’s Recipes suggests that you use both nutmeg and icing sugar, which lends a very sweet and layered taste to the treat. For savory chin chin, they recommend that you use crushed garlic, which gives you a more robust flavor than traditional garlic powder or salt.


13. Oven-Baked Chin Chin by Keesha’s Kitchen

Oven-Baked Chin Chin by Keesha’s Kitchen

Keesha’s Kitchen relies on a tried-and-true West African recipe with a slight, healthy deviation. Instead of frying the chin chin, Keesha’s Kitchen suggests that you bake them. Make your chin chin dough to taste, cut it, get it ready to go into the oven.

Then, spray down a baking tray with either storebought non-stick spray, butter, or oil. Storebought sprays can help you cut back on calories and make your chin chin a little bit crispier.

As with many of the recipes on our list, use your discretion. One huge pro-tip that Keesha’s Kitchen provides for the perfect chin chin is covering it in foil. This helps cook the chin chin all the way through without making it overdone.


14. Nigerian Chin Chin by Sisi Jemimah

Nigerian Chin Chin by Sisi Jemimah

Sisi Jemimah’s Nigerian Chin Chin is a softer variety with a creamy inside and a hard shell. Sisi Jemimah achieves this by adding baking powder and egg so that her chin chin is fluffy and has a more cookie-like texture. If you love hard chin chin or simply want to experiment with different textures, use less egg and baking powder.

Sisi Jemimah also emphasizes the need to make sure that all of the ingredients are entirely merged together; otherwise, the chin chin can be lumpy. She fries it in sunflower oil, which keeps the outside crunchy and the inside soft and delicious.


15. Sweet Crunchy African Chin Chin Recipe by Sims Home Kitchen

Sweet Crunchy African Chin Chin Recipe by Sims Home Kitchen

The secret to Sweet Crunchy African Chin Chin is coconut flakes and plenty of nutmeg. The coconut gives this particular chin chin a tropical and unexpected spin, and it pairs perfectly with the other spices and rich batter. Make sure that your coconut flakes are relatively small to avoid clumping, and try to use dried coconut weather than fresh.

As with most types of chin chin, you can adjust the hardness of your dish by omitting eggs or liquid. Sims Home Kitchen also calls for cooks to use very cold butter, which helps the dough retain its breadcrumby texture and makes it easier to work with.


16. Chin Chin by Immaculate Bites

Chin Chin by Immaculate Bites

Although many recipes call for fairly ragged or crumby dough, Immaculate Bites goes in a different direction. They encourage cooks to make the dough as smooth as possible by using a pasta machine to roll out thin sheets.

The rest of the recipe is pretty standard. As with many chin chin recipes, you can tailor the consistency to your taste and add spices as needed.


17. Nigerian Chin Chin by My Diaspora Kitchen

Nigerian Chin Chin by My Diaspora Kitchen

My Diaspora Kitchen’s Nigerian Chin Chin is crunchy on the outside and soft inside. They call for frying your chin chin in a basket dipped in oil rather than a pan, which can give you a little more ability to get all of the chin chin out at once.

Additionally, My Diaspora Kitchen’s recipe calls for evaporated milk, which has a slightly different consistency than cow or almond milk.


Easy Chin Chin Recipes, Final Thoughts

Once you’ve tried chin chin, you’ll never be satisfied with biscuits or cookies again. Plus, it’s exceptionally easy to make. So, next time that you have a big family gathering or a party, show them something new. Try out one of these great, super easy, and authentic recipes today.

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