/ / Daddy Issues: The Signs, Symptoms, And How To Deal With Them

Daddy Issues: The Signs, Symptoms, And How To Deal With Them

Daddy Issues: The Signs, Symptoms, And How To Deal With Them

You Flirt Constantly, Even Without Meaning To

An African American lady flirting

You can’t help it – you flirt with everyone, even if you’re not attracted to them. Your cute coworker? Yes. Your boss’ husband? Yes. The 50-year-old delivery man? Yes.

Flirting makes you feel powerful and wanted.

A woman with this type of daddy issues feels like there’s nothing more valuable than the positive attention of a man, no matter who he is.

How Will Your Daddy Issues Impact Your Dating Life In Negative Ways?

How daddy issues impact future relationships for women

It would be great if our childhoods didn’t affect us, right? It would be great if we could leave the past in the past, and if our parents had no effect on whom we chose as romantic partners. Sadly, our childhoods have more of an impact than we’d like to admit, and if you have daddy issues then you’ll need to be aware of how this may affect your dating life.

First, you’ll probably choose men who are like your father, including his faults. Daddy issues are about trying to reconcile with an absent father, so you’re going to gravitate toward men like him.

Second, you’ll have a hard time appreciating men for who they actually are, because you’ll always be comparing them to your father.

Third, you may sabotage your own relationships. If you’re clingy, jealous and insecure, you’ll never really be able to relax into the relationship, and you’ll spend so much time struggling to keep it together that you won’t actually enjoy it.

Fourth, your desperation for male attention may make your boyfriend feel insecure. You’ll have to work twice as hard to show him that he’s enough and to be aware of when you’re running after the affection of other men.

How Will Your Daddy Issues Impact Your Dating Life In Positive Ways?

Positive impacts of having father issues

You probably don’t think that daddy issues can have a positive impact. After all, we hear nothing but bad things about them, like how they make women possessive. But in certain ways, having daddy issues can have a few positive effects on your dating life.

You invest in your dating life. Yes, sometimes you give too much, but it’s because you’re devoted. Your boyfriend will know that you care.

You like consistency. If a man suddenly changes his behavior, it may seem like he can’t be trusted. While this isn’t necessarily true, it also means that your boyfriend will need to be open and honest with you in order to make you feel comfortable. There’s no room for shadiness.

You don’t trust easily. A man will have to work hard in order to show you that he can be trusted, and when you finally feel like you can trust someone, you’ll know he’s the one.

However, you can have those advantages without having your daddy issues ruin the entire relationship. Here are some ways to work through them.

How Can You Overcome And Fix Your With Your Daddy Issues?

How to overcome daddy issues so they're fixed

Accept that you have these issues. They’re nothing to be ashamed of. But if you want to start having truly healthy relationships, you need to work through these relationships.

Reflect on your relationships. Have your partners complained that you never seem to trust them? Have your friends expressed concern that you jump from man to man without ever slowing down? Do you see the qualities in your boyfriend the same qualities in your father?

Take control. Your relationship with your father is enormous, but it’s not everything you are. You are an adult. You have full control of your life. Make the choice to release the hold your childhood has had over your life. Start being conscious of your choices, and start making better decisions.

Forgive your father. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. But accept that everything that happened, happened. Ruminating on it won’t help. Chasing after men won’t fill the void he left. Take a deep breath and release the past to the past. It may help you to write your thoughts in a journal or to write a letter to your father, even if you don’t mail it.

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    1. Do some Yoga, Pilate and Meditation and you can restore the positive vibes in your body and heal yourself from Daddy issues.

  1. I am guilty. Currently seeing an older man and cheating on my kind boyfriend. How can I overcome this? Please help.

  2. Most of this applies to me. I’ve learned about being attracted to the emotionally unavailable man and the narcissist who feeds off the narcissistic supply. Healing is a constant and long process. Focusing on self around these types can be construed as selfish which leads to guilt and shame as you work to empower yourself. Good luck sisters.

  3. This is exactly me. I grew up with my dad but he was so distant. He never hugged me or told me he loved me. I found comfort in dating older men who made me feel safe and loved.

  4. I’m a growing woman in this area. I’ve been growing in Hod and that’s how I realized my “daddy issues”. I blamed it on past relationships, because my father is a good man in general. I don’t think he realized that his third daughter was not getting the same attention, especially with the birth of his well coveted son 15 months later. That doesn’t mention the anticipation and excitement that started as soon as my dad heard about the sex of his baby. Nevertheless the more I’ve grown to see my faults and broken habits, I’ve been able to build my self esteem. I began to recognize my worth and what I actually brought to the table. So that means what are the things that make me happy without the approval of others, including men. Once I was blessed to be solid in that, I understood more about what kind of man I needed, and it isn’t a father figure. To keep it short I needed a man who could deal with who I was, as I grew and grow more into the woman I want to be. I’m not there yet, but with God and time I will get there. The more you find yourself and what makes you happy outside of another person, the closer you will get. At least that’s what has worked for me.

  5. I grew up without my dad’s love. I jump from one relationship to the other. Seek affection everywhere. I really need help.

  6. I am just now finding out I have daddy issues. My partner pointed them out to me as we had just finished a heated and probably one of the most intense arguments we had ever had. We have been together for five years and it would devastate me if it failed on account of me. He’s the father of my two year old and I definitely want to work on myself and make changes in positive way. But I’m not going to lie, looking at myself in the mirror pointing my flaws out are scary.

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