Crochet Braids; How To Do It, The Best Hair To Use And More

How To Do Crochet Braids Step By Step For Beginners

Maintaining Your Crochet Braids, What You Need To Know

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Maintaining crochet braidsIf you’d like to keep your crochet braids looking stunning, you have to maintain them well. As a start, always make sure you tie your hair with a silk scarf when going to sleep. This will keep the hair from getting a lot of frizz and getting in your face at night. When you wake up in the morning, make sure you cut out the frizz that is too conspicuous. This keeps the hairstyle looking fresh.

It’s important to keep in mind that the frizz is what makes the hair look more natural. Only get rid of the few frizz that you find out place to give the crochet braids a more polished look.
Another important thing to remember is to keep your crochet braids dry. Don’t get them wet especially when showering. Find a way to protect them from water so that they can last longer.

As for the products to use on the crochet braids, use as little as possible. The best option is to use no products on the crochet braids at all. Synthetic hair is not affected or enhanced by any products out there. The only thing that alters their form is the hot water used to form curls.

Are Crochet Braids Reusable And How Long Do They Last?

How long do crochet braids last?Crochet braids can last as long as 8 weeks and yes, they are reusable. All you need to do is remove them without cutting them of course, then wash and dry the crochet braids. Use shampoo to wash and you can even add some fabric softener. Here’s a video on how to do that. Check out how you can wash your crochet braids to prepare them for re-use.

How To Take Out Crochet Braids

How to take out crochet braidsThe best part about crochet braids is that they’re easy to remove. You can simply cut off the extension then loosen the knot and pull the remaining piece out. You have to be careful not to cut your own hair. Another way to remove crochet braids is by simply undoing the knot without cutting the hair and pulling the hair extension out. This eliminates the cutting part and might be a bit faster for some people. Last but not least, you can simply undo your cornrows and the crochet braids will simply slide out. This method works well if your crochet braids are less than 4 weeks old. You’ll be done in just a couple of minutes!

Crochet Braids; How To Do It, The Best Hair And More

Crochet braids are absolutely awesome. I hope you’ve learned a lot about crochet braids. Have you ever tried crochet braids? How did they turn out? Which hair did you use? We’d love to hear about your experience! Feel free to write what’s on your mind in the comments section below. 🙂

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