Crochet Braids; How To Do It, The Best Hair To Use And More

How To Do Crochet Braids Step By Step For Beginners

Crochet Braids: Different Styles To Choose From

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The best thing about crochet braids is the fact that you can easily pull off a wide range of styles. There are many options but we’ll group the styles into 5 main categories: curls, box braids, twists and locks, straight, Afro and partial. Hopefully, these 5 categories will cover most of the hairstyles that can be achieved with the crochet method.

Curly Or Wavy Crochet Braids

Subtle wavy crochet wavesWhen most people think about crochet braids, curly crochet braids are what come to mind. The size ranges from small curls to large ones. Curly crochet braids can be used to mimic a natural wash and go look.

Box Braids, Twists And Locks

Crochet box braidsWho said that you have to spend 10 hours or more having box braids or twists installed? If you’re tired of the long hours, you should switch to the crochet method of having them done. it’ll only take a maximum of 3 hours to have your whole head covered with those beautiful braids, twists or locks. If the extensions are pre-braided, it’ll take less time.Straight Hair Crochet Braids

Straight Hair Crochet Braids

Straight crochet braidsIf you’re not up for the curly crochet braids, you can definitely go straight. You can rock straight hair extensions that look like your real hair and fool people into thinking that your hair has suddenly grown long. The straight hair can also resemble a weave or wig of your choice. There are many styling options for straight hair. If it’s too long, you can simply chop it down and make a cut bob. If you’re tired of the straight nature of the hair, simply make some curls and viola, you have a new hairstyle!

Afro Crochet Braids

Crochet braids natural afroThis is the go-to style when you want a wild natural hair look. The afro can be short or long depending on your preference. The great thing about the afro style is that it’ll look like it’s really your hair. You might even get compliments about how beautiful your “natural” hair is.

Partial Brochet Braids

Crochet braid high puffCrochet braids don’t have to cover the entire head. The crochet method is also used to achieve a specific look. In most cases, it is used in creating bangs and buns. This is a good choice when you want to make your bun or ponytail look more natural or longer.

Pictures Of Crochet Braids Hairstyles For Inspiration

There are many looks you can achieve with crochet braids. From straight to curly to kinky and natural, it’s upto you to determine what you want on your head. Here are some crochet braids hairstyles for some inspiration.

Awesome crochet braids
Crochet Braids? Shhhh…Don’t Tell Nobody Else 😉 |TEEDAY6
Blonde crochet braids
Watch Me Crochet Braid My Hair|ChimereNicole
Bob crochet braids
Invisible-Part Illusion Crochet Braids with Freetress Pre‑Loop Yaky Hair
Crochet box braids
How To ➟ CROCHET BOX BRAIDS 🔥 (looks like the real thing! free-parting)
Havana twist crochet braids

Havana Twist CROCHET BRAIDS – Invisible Method
Ponytail crochet braids
Water Wave Crochet Braids || Caribbean Bundle 3A
Chan's natural looking crochet braids

Types Of Cornrows For Crochet Braids

Crochet braidsCornrows are the basis of crochet braids. The pattern of the cornrows determines how the crochet braids will sit on the head. The most common cornrows for crochet braids are the ones that start from the front and go straight back. It is advisable to have more cornrows at the front than at the back. To achieve this, start with two cornrows at the front and merge them into one once you get to the middle. So, for example, if you have 10 cornrows at the front, you’ll have 5 at the back. With this cornrows, you can have any type of crochet braids installed. The downside is, you’ll have to wear the crochet braids down all the time. This can get a little bit uncomfortable especially during summer.

For a front bang, a small u-part braid pattern is usually added at the front. If you’d like to hold your crochet braids in a ponytail, then the beehive cornrow pattern will work best for you. You can also do a vixen pattern which provides many styling options for the crochet braids. However, the vixen pattern can cause too much stress on the scalp which might make you undo the style sooner.

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