/ / 8 Countries In Africa You Simply MUST Visit In Your Lifetime

8 Countries In Africa You Simply MUST Visit In Your Lifetime

8 Countries In Africa You Simply MUST Visit In Your Lifetime

4. Zambia – See African At It’s Most Beautiful With The Victoria Waterfalls

Zambia has the largest waterfall in the worldZambia is home to the majestic Victoria Falls which is thought to be the largest waterfall in the world. The falls are located at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Columns of water sprays at the waterfalls can be seen from miles away, especially during the height of the rainy season. The noise from the falls can be heard from a distance of up to forty kilometers away.

It is definitely a site worth seeing. While in Zambia, you should also make a point of visiting the Lower Zambezi River Park. This is a great place to witness wildlife in its natural habitat undisturbed. It is common to see hopping buffaloes, lions and leopards in this park.


5. Namibia – Add It To Your Travel List

Sand Dunes in the Namib DesertThe Sossusvlei sand dunes found in Namib dessert are said to be the highest sand dunes in the world. The dunes are a spectacular site and offer wonderful opportunities for photograph lovers. The best pictures can be taken at sunrise or sunset due to the beautiful ever-changing colors during this time. For yet another breathtaking experience in Namibia, you should visit the Fish River Canyon. It is the largest Canyon in the whole of Africa and the second-largest in the world. This is a great place to go hiking and appreciate the dramatic scenery.

6. Malawi Is A Must See For Wildlife Loving Tourists

The mountains of Nyika is a must see location in MalawiOne of the must-see sites in Malawi is the Nyika Plateau. It is the largest park in the country, in which you can revel at the main water catchment area. Nyika Plateau Park offers a lot of things to see from trout pools, waterfalls, a ‘magic lake’, a Neolithic rock shelter and over 400 species of birds. While in Malawi, another place to go is Mount Mulanje. You can trek or take a hike up the mountain. It also makes a good camping site. While there, you will get to see a variety of animals, plants and vegetation. The view from the mountain is absolutely breathtaking.

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