9 Top Kitchen Gadgets You Simply Must Have As A Cook

9 Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Simply Must Have As A Cook

7. Melon Slicer, A Great Cooking Tool For Fruit Lovers

Melon slicer kitchen utensil set on saleWhat’s better than a watermelon to keep you hydrated especially during summer! Slicing a melon is usually the hard part.

However, with a melon slicer like this one, you no longer need to worry about that. The melon cutter cuts the melon into 12 equal pieces with ease.

It can also be used to slice honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple and other fruits of this nature.

8. My Best Kitchen Gadget: The Onion Holder!

Must have kitchen tools and gadgets - an onion holderOnions are a basic part of almost every meal. The annoying bit comes when you try to slice it and it slides away. This is why you should buy an onion holder. It holds the onion in place and allows you to cut even pieces. Since you do not touch the onions, you will no longer have to deal with the smell of onions on your hands. The onion holder can also be used to hold tomatoes and potatoes while slicing.

9. 5-Way Opener, Always Good To Have In The Kitchen Supplies

5 way opener, one of the best cheap kitchen gadgets around

Who says that opening tins and bottles should be a constant struggle! With a 5-way opener, you can easily open whatever you want. Whether it is machine sealed bottles, soda tops, metal caps or even tuna cans, this opener has got you covered. You can even use it to break the vacuum seal on any hard to open jars. Stop struggling and buy yourself one of these 5-way openers as soon as possible.

9 Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Simply Must Have As A Cook

These cool kitchen gadgets are bound to make cooking much more fun. Do you love them? How many of these tools do you own and use? Let’s hear about it.

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