Amazing Albino Black People

Celebrating Albino Black People And What Being Albino Really Means

Black Albino Celebrities

Actress and supermodel Diandra Forrest is… you guessed it! Albino. Diandra never thought that attending NYFW, and being on the cover of Glamour magazine would be possibilities for her. But the moment Diandra accepted herself and her skin, she began working towards conquering the fashion industry.

Diandra Forrest advocates the need for more diverse models and roles as the industry is changing as well as people’s previously limited definition of beauty. In her interview with Glamour Diandra stated, “My albinism is a part of me—and it’s beautiful—but it’s not all of me. It makes me who I am, but it doesn’t make me as a whole.”
And we couldn’t agree more. Whilst it shouldn’t be seen as something that is debilitating to a person, it is also important to remember that there is more to a person than their albinism.

On the deepest level of our humanity, maybe race isn’t that important. We all bleed blood, we all have feelings, and we all want happiness, wherever in the world we come from. But, as there is so much racism still out there, and whilst there is so much oppression due to the color of someone’s skin, we should celebrate our genetics, educate ourselves on our history and use it for the empowerment and happiness of everyone we love.

Overcoming Adversity

Another beautiful, classic and elegant black albino model goes by the name of Thando Hopa. Ms. Hopa constantly challenges society’s prejudices as she dominates social media. Her story is a heartrending one as she tells of growing up in South Africa amongst constant scrutiny and bullying.
As a child, she was called names by children who were supposed to be her friends and approached with caution by elderly members of society due to their firmly held superstitions of albino people. Regardless of this, Thando Hopa succeeded in everything she set her mind to in the modelling industry, and is now living a lavish life whilst promoting albinism as a norm.

What Does Being Albino Really Mean?

In an ideal world, being albino means nothing different to being born any other color, with any other condition or social standing. This is what we aim for and though that lofty goal may be unreachable for now, we should at least do all we can to work toward it.
Albinos are regular folks, just like everyone else. That means they don’t want to be discriminated against, objectified, or ridiculed. They just want to get on with their lives like everyone else and be accepted for who they are. And get told they’re beautiful once in a while.

Here Are Some Of The Best Images Of Albino Black People, Women And Girls

To finish up this celebration of albino beauty, check out some more of our favorites from the Gram.

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