Amazing Albino Black People

Celebrating Albino Black People And What Being Albino Really Means

Black Albino History

Due to cultural traditions, black albinos have been persecuted, slaughtered and even sacrificed simply due to their complexion. This is a rising problem in Malawi, Kenya, and other African countries in particular.

A common belief in these areas is that albinistic body parts house magical powers and in harvesting them, these powers will be transmitted. Cults, witch doctors, and many other superstitious people have been found using the body parts to create potions, medicine or offer up in rituals of sacrifice as they believe to gain prosperity in amongst other benefits. In addition to this, graves of albino children and adults are often sought out and desecrated.

On the other hand, other cultures within Africa and elsewhere hold the complete opposite belief. They see and view albino children as a wretched curse. This often leads to albinos being ostracized or even killed due to the fear they house of albinos bringing back luck and being a bad omen to have around.

Because of the sheer amount of folktales surrounding albinism in these countries over scientific fact, there have been many needless deaths. In fact, 98% of albinos living in these countries are recorded to have died before the age of 40, not only because of the discrimination but because of skin diseases and conditions they were unaware of being more susceptible to. Sadly a very high number of these deaths could have been easily avoided.

Vulnerabilities & Skin Care

Aside from skin conditions, something a lot of people don’t take into account is that black albinos and albinos in general are at a much higher risk of having vision problems than any other race. These may include, but are not limited to, crossed eyes, impaired vision, astigmatism, sensitivity to light, blindness or nystagmus, which is rapid and involuntary eye movements.

In countries closer to the equator, albinos are advised to apply sun lotion once every 2-3 hours, as well as spending less ‘peak time’ in the sun (being out when the sun is at its hottest). Sadly albinos are more likely to contract skin melanomas and due to this extra caution is always needed.

The Beauty Of Albino Black People

Whilst there is no doubt that there is a significant difference in the lives of albinos compared with others, there is also a significant difference in their beauty too. Albinos offer a unique and unparalleled specimen of a human, in which no other group of people can compare. Black albinos are seen with the same features as their fellow African-American ancestors, friends, and relatives, however, their complexion makes them stand apart in the most stunning way we’ve ever seen!

“There’s only one sort of natural blonde on earth… albinos!” – Marilyn Monroe.

It’s true that whilst some albinos consider their pigmentation a burden and what holds them back, so many other people are insanely jealous and wishing they were them. As with anything, we tend to want what we don’t have and only truly appreciate things when they’re gone. Well, no more. We want to celebrate the beauty in albinism and we will!

“Her albino hair illuminated my dreams, shining brighter than moonlight.” – Anna Kavan

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