That Sister Natural Hair T Shirts – Have You Got Yours Yet?

Black Owned Businesses - That Sister Natural Hair T Shirts

Stylish, empowering, motivational!

But enough about you, ok. 🙂

Today I want to introduce you to our ‘Natural Hair’ t shirts; a must have for women of color looking to show they’re proud of their hair in it’s most natural form.

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Why We Created This Clothing Brand

Regardless of hairstyle, underneath all that extra stuff, we as black women have a beautiful head of hair. And even when we decide to rock a few extensions or wig it up for an occasion, natural will always be our long-term favorite go-to style.

I hope you join us in celebrating our natural hair by wearing one of these t shirt. Show people that our God given hair is wonderful. Whether it’s short, long, 4a, 4b or 4c, it’s part of what makes you…, well, you. 😉

T Shirt Colors To Choose From

Here are a range of colors we currently offer on these t shirts:

A new black owned business in America
Brown afro hair t shirt company
Natural Hair t shirt on sale for African American women
Reduced price navy blue t shirt for black women
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They’re available in kids size 4 to 12, and from small to X-Large for women. Pick your size and color over here.

About That Sister, A Black Owned Business

Not only is That Sister a black owned clothing company, we’re also a brand focused on show casing out beautiful black women to everyone who wants to listen. Whether you’re black, white, male, female or other, come and get involved with us.

Please share this page if you like what we’re doing here, we see all the people supporting black business already, and we just want to say we highly appreciate you.

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