23 Black Movies You Really Need to Watch

Black Movies You Really Need to Watch


Another hood classic, Juice is a popular black movie starring Tupac.

Tupac was definitely doing his thing in the ‘90s.

Not only was he making waves on the music scene, but he was also leading numerous classic black films.

Another movie on his roster is Juice.

Also starring Omar Epps, Jermaine Hopkins and Khalil Khan, the film follows a group of friends as they face their everyday lives growing up in Harlem.

While the story is unforgettable, it’s hard not to mention the ruthlessness of Tupac’s character, Bishop.

If you’ve never seen it, you’ll have to watch to see what we mean!

Soul Food

Soul Food is a popular black film about the family

Everyone’s family has their own drama, and Soul Food is one film that definitely shows that.

Another film that has an all-star ensemble, you’ll see Vanessa L. Williams, Vivica A. Fox, Nia Long, Mekhi Phifer, and Michael Beach star.

The story follows young Ahmad and the issues his family goes through during their weekly soul food Sunday dinners.

While there are major rifts in the family, the family has to fall a part before they can come back together.

And then there’s the question of where is Big Mama keeping that money?!

New Jack City

New Jack City is a black film about a ruthless drug lord played by Wesley Snipes

Talk about ruthless! Wesley Snipe’s character, Nino Brown, in New Jack City might be one of the most ruthless we’ve ever seen.

New Jack City came out in 1991 and alongside Snipes, Ice-T and Chris Rock starred in the film.

It followed an NYPD officer (Ice-T) who was attempting to infiltrate a drug ring led by Nino Brown.

With Nino leading the Cash Money Brothers, Allen Payne also starred as his right-hand man.

Dream Girls Is A More Modern Black Movie

Dreamgirls is the black movie based on the story of Diana Ross and the Supremes.

“We are dreamgirls, boy, we’ll make you happy!” Let’s just say this movie has all the jams.

Loosely based on the story of Diana Ross and The Supremes, Dreamgirls stars Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Danny Glover, and Anika Noni Rose.

The film follows three singers to try to make it in the Motown industry.

Jennifer Hudson received raving reviews on her performance as Effie so much so that she too home the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Friday, An African American Trilogy

Friday is a black stoner-comedy starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker.

“Bye, Felicia!” Friday is another classic film that most would categorize as a “stoner film.”

Well, when Craig and Smokey spent all their time smoking, what do you expect?

The film follows two friends in the span of a day who owe a debt to a local drug dealer.

The film follows their antics of trying to scrape the money together.

Alongside Ice Cube and Chris Tucker who star as Craig and Smokey, respectively, the film also stars Nia Long, Regina King, Bernie Mac, and John Witherspoon.

House Party

House Party is the popular black comedy starring Kid 'N Play

Ain’t gon’ hurt nobody. What were the ‘90s without Kid ‘n Play?

Essentially the movie follows the title. Two friends decide to throw a house party and let’s just say, a lot goes down.

And who could forget the epic dance battle?

Kid ‘n Play are joined by members of the group Full Force as well as Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, and John Witherspoon.

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