8 Wigs For Black Women That’ll Transform Your Hair

8 Best Wigs For Black Women

While your own locks are perfect as they are, sometimes it can be fun – not to mention easier – to change things up with a wig. This is especially true if your natural hair needs a rest from straightening or braiding, or you’re bored of short hair.

If you’re new to wigging, or just want a quick way to find a selection of wigs for black women you hadn’t considered trying before, look no further than this handy list we’ve compiled! From pixie cuts to long curls, we’ve put together a bunch of different styles for you to check out below.

1. Harlem 125 Swiss Lace Front Wig – Long, And One Of The Best

Harlem 125 Swiss Lace Front WigLace front wigs (different compared to regular wigs) are famous for giving an extremely natural look, and this two-tone, medium-length wig from Wig Warehouse is great for everyday use. It’s made from high-temp fiber which is safe for use with curling irons (up to 400F), and its color is fun without all the upkeep required with coloring your actual hair. Find the wig for purchase right at Wig Warehouse.

2. Outre Premium Duby, A Short Wig For Black Women

Outre Premium Duby WigThis pixie cut wig is good for getting all the easy low maintenance of a short haircut without actually having to cut your hair and deal with straightening it all the time. Made from 100% human hair, it comes in multiple colors and many of the reviews by buyers say it feels great on their head, with a really natural look. You can buy it at Hair Sisters, where you can get it with same-day shipping.

3. Sensationnel Peruvian Bare & Natural French Curl Long Wig

Sensationnel Peruvian French Curl WigOk, here’s another top wig for black women. If you’re looking for tight curls similar to your own, the Sensationnel French Curl weave from Hair Sisters might be for you. Available in several different lengths, this weave gives you long, manageable curls for any occasion.

Though a long, elegant look like this one is great for special events like weddings and balls or benefits where your hair can really stand out (especially if you normally have to wear your hair tied up for work, for example). You can find currently on sale at Hair Sisters.

4. The Top Kiyah Lace Front Wig For Black Women

Kiyah Lace Front WigThe Kiyah Lace Front wig is a bold choice – long mambo twist braids are sure to make a statement and they’re a fun and different way to wear long hair – minus the hassle of having to get them done on your real hair. The wig comes in two colors and boasts a really textured look with minimal upkeep, plus with the lace front design it allows you to style it away from your face. Get the Kiyah wig here at a good price from Especially Yours.

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