4 Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryers For Black Hair 2022

Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryers For Black Hair

Teanfa Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment

5. Amazon Teanafa Soft Bonnet Dryer Attachment

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This one is the cheapest soft bonnet hair dryer attachment we could find on the market right now. At just $4.99, this costs less than your lunch and can keep your hair styled for a long time to come!

The cap on this one is the biggest out of all we’ve looked at so far, too, so if you have a huge amount of hair, this might just be the option for you. Women with long, busy hair or flowing locs, this way please!

No, it’s not the most subtle of soft bonnet hairdryers, as massive and silver as it is! But when you’ve taken it off and shake your hair down, then you’ll be the belle of the ball.

Why Use A Bonnet Hairdryer?

Salon Blowdryers for African American hair

Despite the name, bonnet hairdryers aren’t just for drying hair to finish off styling. Actually, they have a few different uses.

You can get a straight look or a curly look, without styling tools like flat irons or curlers! Yep, that’s right. A hairdresser might wrap your hair around your head to give a straight look. They’ll add curlers for a curly look, of course. By the time you come out from under the dryer, you’ll have a whole new style, without so much heat damage.

But some people use bonnet hairdryers for deep conditioning. Whether you use conditioning masks or hot oil treatments, bonnet hairdryers are wonderful for making the process more effective. The heat makes the cuticle of the hair open more, so the product can penetrate more deeply. Hello, extra conditioning!

Soft bonnet drying can also be great for wigs. If you’re a wig wearer, you’ll be the first to know that styling them can sometimes be tricky. Tugging and pulling during styling can cause hair to shed, or even whole wefts to fall out! Using a soft bonnet hairdryer avoids these issues, by drying without all the force often used.

What’s The Difference Between Hard And Soft Bonnet?

Black Woman Doubting Her Hair Dryer

Hard bonnet hairdryers are the ones you find in the salons. They’re usually attached to salon chairs, so you can sit comfortably while you’re having your hair dried. Alternatively, they might be on wheels, and the stylist wheels it over to your styling station, to place the bonnet on your head.

But if you want the benefits of a bonnet hairdryer at home, it’s much more likely you’ll go for the soft bonnet option. For one thing, who has the space for a big old bonnet hairdryer in their house?! A soft bonnet dryer is much more practical. You can pack it away when you want to use it, and put it in a drawer.

Another reason you’ll go for a soft bonnet at home is the price! A typical salon hard bonnet dryer runs at around $100. With soft bonnet dryer running between $5 and $60, it’s easy to see which is the more economical choice!

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