7 Top Egusi Soup Recipes; How To Make This Traditional West African Dish

Best Egusi Soup Recipes

African cuisine is expansive.

With over 50 countries, there’s tons of food to eat as you travel the continent.

While you’ll find that many countries have their own particular cuisine, some dishes surpass borders and make their way into surrounding areas.

Egusi soup is one such dish.

You’d find the dish centered in one country, but it’s not shocking that the delicious dish has made its way into neighboring countries.

If you’re hoping to try out this popular African dish, look no further.

Here are some egusi soup recipes that you can try at home.

Healthier Egusi Soup Recipe By African Bites

Often called melon seeds, egusi is easier recognized as white pumpkin seeds.

If you want a quick, easy, and healthier egusi soup recipe, African Bites is giving it to you.

This recipe boasts lots of spinach, and that’s a good thing.

Spinach is considered a superfood because of all it’s benefits.

The leafy vegetable is rich in vitamins and minerals, boosts the immune system, protects the skin, regulates blood pressure, and aids in keeping our bones healthy.

Not to mention it is both low in calories and fats while also being high in fiber and Vitamin C.

This particular recipe only takes about an hour to make.

The ingredients call for both meat and crayfish, but you’re really going to get the nutrients through the 2-3 cups of spinach.

All in all, this entire recipe is low in carbs but high in protein, iron, and fiber.

Egusi Soup Recipe On All Recipes

Egusi is a popular Nigerian dish that is made from melon seeds.

Our first recipe comes from Allrecipes.

With the egusi seed at the heart of the recipe, it’s going to have a distinctive and unique taste that you might not be used to experiencing.

While this recipe calls for egusi seeds, you might also find that replacing them with pumpkin seeds will serve you well if you don’t have any of the former.

Egusi recipes often differ in the meats that they use, and this recipe is vegetarian friendly.

It calls for prawns, and if those aren’t your favorite, they can easily be replaced by crab or even smoked fish.

Other than this, you’ll find the classic egusi recipe that includes seasonings like green chilis and black pepper.

Egusi Soup Recipe By Low Carb Africa

Egusi soup is low in carbs but high in fats and proteins.

If you’re completely clueless about egusi soup, Low Carb Africa is a great place to start.

Tons of people are into low carb diets, especially those trying the Keto diet.

Luckily for you, egusi is a recipe that you can easily fit into that lifestyle.

Egusi seeds are packed with healthy nutrients, but they also have an abundance of healthy fats and a great amount of protein.

Low Carb Africa provides tips for how to prepare your seeds.

While you can find them pre ground, if you’re doing it yourself, all you need is a food processor or nutribullet blender.

You might be tempted to add water to your egusi seeds when blending, but don’t.

You want it to create a powdery paste.

And while we’ve seen different meats and seafood used in these recipes, this particular dish calls for catfish alongside the typical ingredients of tomatoes, bell pepper, and habanero peppers for taste.

And while many eat pounded yam with their egusi soup, Low Carb Africa offers some other low carb options that include coconut, cauliflower, or cabbage fufu.

Quick Egusi Soup Recipe Via My Active Kitchen

Egusi soup is a dish that is often thickened by adding spinach.

For a quick and easy recipe, you can find everything you need from My Active Kitchen.

Her site has a number of egusi soup recipes, but she boasts that this is one of her easiest.

Her ingredients were relatively simple.

While using the classic ground egusi, she spiced up her recipe with pepper mix, dried prawns, smoked mackerel, and smoked turkey.

And that’s not where it ends.

She introduces her following to two different methods of cooking with egusi soup.

There is the process of boiling egusi grounds.

Her more preferred method is frying it.

This would require frying ground melon seed paste in palm oil before adding the other ingredients.

And after, it’s just a matter of adding the other ingredients to the pot.

While often served with a swallow like pounded yam, egusi soup can also be served over rice.

Fabulous Nosh And Recipes’ Classic Egusi Soup Recipe

Egusi soup is commonly served with meats like beef and seafood like crayfish.

Fabulous Nosh and Recipes is giving us a classic egusi soup recipe.

Her recipe includes the basic egusi grounds, and then comes her added ingredients.

For meats, she uses beef.

It is also common to include both meat and fish in an egusi recipe, and she chooses her fish to be crayfish, a popular option.

Her recipe is pretty standard after that.

While many use spinach, the soup calls for any favorite leafy green.

In this recipe, you’ll find bitter leaves and pumpkin leaves used instead of spinach.

Precious Core Has A Easy Egusi Soup Recipe

The process of making egusi soup is boiling the meats and fish, grinding the egusi, and then throwing everything into a pot.

If you need an egusi recipe broken down for you into easy steps, check out this recipe from Precious Core.

While you might find tons of steps in different recipes, she says that any egusi soup can be accomplished in essentially three steps.

First, you’re going to boil the meats and fish that you plan to use.

She also recommends doing this the day before.

Next, you’ll grind the egusi.

She recommends buying the seeds yourself and grinding them to ensure the quality of your seeds.

While buying pre-ground seeds makes the process easier, it’s hard to ensure their quality.

Lastly, you’re going to saute your onions and cook the egusi in red palm oil before adding in the rest of your ingredients.

When you look at it like this, egusi soup really does seem simple.

And that’s why you should give it a try.

Nigerian Egusi Soup Recipe On Oya Come Chop

Egusi soup is often served as celebratory occasions like weddings and birthdays.

According to Oya Come Chop, egusi soup is a popular celebratory dish in Nigeria that you’d often find at birthdays and weddings.

Her recipe is slightly different from those that you’d find on this list.

Most recipes call for the blending of the egusi seeds, but this recipe also calls for blending the peppers and onions together before mixing in a pot.

This process allows the flavors to release at the beginning of the process.

One thing you’ll also notice about this recipe is that when compared to the other dishes on this list, it doesn’t resemble soup at all.

Egusi soup can be made to whatever consistency you want.

Made thicker by the amount of egusi and spinach added, you can easily make it thinner by adding more water to the pot.

What Is Egusi Soup & Where Does It Come From?

Egusi soup is a common dish made from ground melon seeds.

For those with direct roots in Africa, egusi soup is common.

While it is also called agusi or agushi depending on the location, it is all based on the seed.

Egusi is a fat and protein rich seed that can be found in certain plants like squash, melon, and gourd.

Often after the seed has been dried, it is ground which you’ll find in tons of West African cuisine.

The way the seed is used is that it is essentially a thickening agent for the soup.

By adding the ground seeds into the broth, it thickens before other ingredients are added into the soup.

Typically, you’ll see that egusi soup also has leaf vegetables, palm oil, seasonings, meats, and some other additional vegetables.

The recipes usually call for leafy vegetables like spinach and pumpkin leaf while you’ll also commonly see tomatoes and okra as well.

To season the soup, it is common to add seasoning like onions, locust beans, and chili peppers.

The biggest variety you’ll see in this recipe is with the choice of meat.

Normally, you’ll see either beef, goat, or fish used in this soup.

Truthfully, it depends where in Africa you’re enjoying the dish.

Egusi is considered West African cuisine, and you’ll see it pop up in countries like Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana, Cameroon and more.

In Ghana, egusi is called agushi or akatoa, and while you’d find different names amongst the countries, the dish is more commonly related to Nigeria.

Does Egusi Soup Come From A Particular Nigerian Tribe?

Egusi soup is most common eaten in Nigeria.

If you have any Nigerian friends, you’d know that there are a few different tribes that Nigerians belong to.

While some of the most commonly referred to ones are Yoruba and Igbo, there’s also Fulani, Hausa, and Kanufi.

When it comes to egusi soup, you’ll find that many of the tribes in different parts of the country enjoy it.

It’s common with the Igbo people in southeastern Nigeria, the Hausa of northern Nigeria, the Ibibio people of southern Nigeria, and more.

The Yoruba people also often enjoy this dish, but they’ll normally eat it alongside other popular Nigerian dishes.

What Is Egusi Soup Commonly Served With?

Egusi soup is often served with pounded yam, but can also be eaten with fufu or plantains.

There are a lot of traditional Nigerian foods that are often enjoyed together.

When eating egusi soup, many Nigerians, especially the Yoruba people, will eat the soup alongside pounded yam.

Either made with actual yams or yam powder, it is a common side dish in Africa that is often served with soups.

These particular foods are called “swallows.”

Swallows are what can be described as foods that don’t stand alone.

They are usually starchy foods that are made from grains, cereals, roots, or vegetables.

While pounded yam is one, plantain is another popular one.

Other examples of what egusi soup might be served with are millet, cassava, or maize.

Best Egusi Soup Recipes Conclusion

Egusi soup is a popular celebratory dish eaten in Western Africa.

Egusi is a popular dish in Africa that is loaded with flavors.

I mean, just look at the images.

One of the meals that is center to Nigerian culture, many will find it all over the country while it even expands to countries in the area.

But what is a balanced meal if you’re not having dessert?

After your dinner of pounded yam and egusi soup, indulge in mouth watering African desserts.

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