12 Best Bookshelves 2022 For Those With Lots Of Books

The 12 Best Bookshelves For Those With Lots Of Books

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No home is complete without books. Kindles might be nice, but there’s nothing like running your hand over your favorite book and inhaling the toasted smell of familiar pages.

The only downside of books? They take up space. If you’re redecorating, especially in a small apartment, you may be tempted to throw out all of your books to make more room. But with these 12 bookshelves, you’ll be able to keep all of your books and even spice up your décor by doing so!

Mainstays Modern Art-Inspired Bookcase

OOne of the best Mainstays bookshelves

This sleek bookcase resembles a modern art piece. The dark wood interlocks like a puzzle, turning your book collection into an interactive art exhibit. Because the shelves vary in height, you’ll have room for old photo albums and yearbooks right above pocket-sized romance novels.

The only downside is that the wood is a bit thin. While it can support the weight of dozens, if not hundreds, of books, it won’t be strong enough for a television. If you were hoping for a combination bookshelf-home entertainment system, you’ll have to find something sturdier.

Sauder Hill Classic Cherry Open Bookcase

Cherry Bookshelf

You can’t go wrong with a simple, classic bookcase. The refined Sauder Hill model is fit for a private library or sitting room.

The thick cherry wood means it’s sturdy enough to hold an entire Encyclopedia set, and the darkness of the wood means that it won’t show wear and tear.

This bookcase is a bit tricky to set up, however, so have instructions and a close friend on hand. It’s also heavy – around 80 pounds  – so consider hiring a mover to help you get it up the stairs if you live in an apartment.

Pick it up from Amazon.

Southern Enterprises Spine Book Tower

Spine Shelf

If you pride yourself on keeping an eclectic space, then this one-of-a-kind bookshelf is the perfect addition to your living room. Its harsh steel design works perfectly in a minimalist room. Although it doesn’t hold many books (between 50 and 80), it spotlights the ones it does hold, so use this book tower to showcase your favorites, or to hold magazines and coffee table books for guests.

Made by SEI, is durable enough to support a television or stereo system as well. Or, if you decide to move your books, it also makes for an excellent tower holder in a bathroom.

Greenco Floating U Bookcase

U Shelf

The best part about this bookcase is that it’s divided. Its three separate shelves force you to organize your books any way you like – perhaps by genre, color or even order of importance. This is the perfect set-up for anyone who has the bad habit of throwing all of their books together.

The shelves are all different sizes, which offers you lots of room to play with designs. Stack them in a pyramid to make your room seem taller, or an upside-down pyramid to call attention to a specific object in the room.

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