Bad Hair Day? These 10 African Head Wraps Will Save The Day!

African Head Wraps For Women With Short Hair

There are those mornings that your hair is a complete mess and you need to go somewhere. Whether you are going to work, a wedding, a party or to the park, bad hair can ruin your mood. The good news is, there is a simple solution to salvage your bad hair day. These 10 African head wraps will save the day.

1. Kanga / Leso African Head Wraps

Kanga and Leso African head wraps

Nothing screams African head wrap like a head wrap made from a kanga, also known as leso. They come in different African prints and can be tied in lots of different ways. Lesos do not have a single color. They consist of multiple colors and patterns, which is what makes them unique. Buy yourself one from Etsy, for that unique African feel.

2. We Love This Blue And Orange Style

Best price wrap headbands

This head wrap is absolutely gorgeous. You can simply wrap it into a cute style for a casual look or a day out with the girls. It is also a great look outdoors, like when you take nature walks or trips to the park. The fabric is light and easy to work with. Get yourself one from

3. Another Head Wrap Styles For Short Hair

Purple and silver sleeping night time head wrap

Purple and silver is one combination that you should definitely try. It shows you are a cultured, well-brought up lady. It looks like the kind of color you could be comfortable with when going to an important event without looking overdressed. For those who love this look, you can get a head wrap like this one from Etsy. Great for covering up transitioning hair.

4.Yellow Summer Wrap

Yellow summer wrap for your head

Talk about summer! This is not exactly an African print but it is bound to brighten up your summer days. This is a great head wrap to pair with your lovely summer dresses. Get this handmade head wrap from fanmdjanm and you will no longer have to worry about your bad hair days during summer.

5.Royal African Head Wrap For Women

Royal african head wrap for women

Something about this head wrap screams African royalty. It is definitely the one to go for when you are feeling a sudden surge of girl power! The colors are richly solid and the texture looks firm. You can get yourself one like this from Etsy. It is up to you to learn how to tie the head wrap into that majestic look you want.

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