Is Your Baby Teething? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Toddler playing with toys

How To Soothe The Baby’s Gums

A baby taking medicine due to painful gumsHere are a few things you can do to ease discomfort and reduce pain for your child when teething:

Give Them Something To Chew On

Chewing and biting gives your child great relief when teething. Give them a cold wet washcloth that’s clean to chew on. Ensure that the cloth is not freezing cold since extreme cold causes more pain. Silicone Toys are also great for teething babies. They are safe, soothing and cost effective.


Use your fingers to gently massage your baby’s gums. You can also use a soft wet toothbrush to soothe your child’s gums. Make sure your hands and toothbrush are clean before massaging your baby’s gums.

Cold Food And Drinks

For small babies, a bottle of cold water will offer some relief. If your child is old enough to eat solids, you can give them cold fruit puree or even cold yogurt. The cold food and drinks will numb the sore gums and soothe your baby.

Use Painkillers

This is the option you should turn to if all else fails. The normal form of painkillers for babies includes ibuprofen and paracetamol. Ensure that you seek medical advice before giving your child any form of medication.


Sometimes a little distraction is all your baby needs. Engage your baby in activities that they enjoy whether it’s peek-a-boo or making silly faces. This will draw their attention away from the annoying teeth.

How To Tell If Teething Is Hurting My Baby

A baby sucking his finger

You can easily tell whether teething is hurting your baby through their behavior. If they’re in pain, they’ll definitely be irritable or constantly crying. Another sign is if they’re pulling their ears and cheeks. Pain might also make your child refuse to open their mouth. When you give them something to chew on, they’ll immediately start crying if they’re in pain. It also becomes difficult to feed the child since they won’t open their mouth.

How To Feed My Baby When They’re Teething

Teething baby hurting and in painWhen your child is teething, you should feed them as often as possible. It’s likely that they won’t finish up one serving of food at a time so you should give it to them in intervals until they finish it. If you’re breastfeeding, the feeding sessions won’t last long. Feed your baby as often as possible to ensure that they get their daily nutrient intake.

Do Teething Powders / Gels Work Best?

Toddler playing with toysTeething powders and gels work but they should be used sparingly. You should follow the prescription for the numbing gel or powder as instructed by a medical practitioner. Ensure that you only apply them to your baby’s teeth three times a day only. Excessive application can numb the child’s tongue resulting in feeding problems or your areola could also get numb making it impossible to breastfeed. However, you should try as much as possible to avoid the use of teething gels and powders and use other methods of relieving pain and discomfort for your teething baby.

Which Toys Can My Baby Teeth On?

Baltic amber teething necklaceThe best toys for babies to teeth on are silicone ones. This is because the silicone used to make these toys is usually 100% food grade rated, BPA free and contains no traces of cadmium, phthalates, lead or heavy metals. This makes the silicone chewing toys much safer than plastic, wood and rubber alternatives.

There are also many parents who swear by Baltic amber jewelry as being perfect for soothing their teething babies. Baltic amber has been used for centuries to ease pain and discomfort associated with teething. Amber jewelry for kids is available as pendants, bracelet and necklaces.

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