6 Ab Exercises You Can Do Quickly On Your Lunch Break For A Flatter Stomach

6 Ab Exercises You Can Do Quickly On Your Lunch Break For A Flatter Stomach

Pretty much everyone seems to be leading extremely busy lives these days. We work all day, and by the time it’s over we just want to be able to sleep. The point is, the last thing we want to do after work is think about going to the gym. But we all want great bodies and flatter stomachs right?

Well in this article we show you 6 different ab workouts you can do while on your lunch break. The best part about these exercises? They’re quick and no equipment is necessary.

1. Work Your Abs With Planking

Plank Exercise For Abs

We know, the dreaded plank exercise. It can be difficult to hold but it is so quick and effective, especially if you only have an hour to spare. A plank can be done by getting into push-up position but instead of resting on your hands, you rest on your forearms. The idea is to keep your entire body straight so that your weight is completely resting on your forearms. Hold this position for 1-2 minutes and not only will you feel the burn in your abs, you’ll also feel it in your arms, back and glutes. Practice planking several times because the more it is done, the easier it becomes.

2. Mountain Climbers Exercise

Black Woman Doing Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are such a great ab workout because they burn fat and sculpt at the same time. Your heart will get to pumping quickly with these. Like planking, mountain climbers start in push-up position. With your body straight and your weight rested on your hands, you simply imitate climbing a mountain, with your abs contracted and your alternating legs coming as close to your chest as possible. You can do this exercise as fast or slow as you want to, but the faster you go, the more effective it will be.

3. How To Do V-Ups Quickly And Easily

Black Woman With Exercise Ball

V-ups look exactly how they sound. The basic idea is to lie on your back, palms up, feet together, and toes pointed. While keeping your legs straight, simultaneously lift your upper and lower body off of the floor in such a way that you are reaching for your toes and forming a “v” shape with your body. This exercise is sort of like a conventional sit-up but far more engaging for various muscle groups. Since v-ups can be difficult, you can modify this exercise by simply bending your knees instead of keeping them straight. This will make it much easier to lift your body off of the floor. You can also try v-ups with your hands at your side like in the photo above. Figure out what works best for you and go for it.

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