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9 Jamaican Desserts That’ll Have Friends Fighting For The Recipe!

9 Jamaican Desserts That’ll Have Friends Fighting For The Recipe

Are you looking for some new international desserts to add to your cooking repertoire that are maybe a little bit different than your usual go-to dishes? Then look no further!

Obviously these desserts are popular staples in their home and surrounding countries, but Jamaican food joints have their loyal followings all over the world. Especially in parts of Brooklyn, NY and even Toronto in Canada.

So if you fall in love with any of the 9 dishes on this list make sure to check them out and see if they stack up to the homemade versions.

Jamaican Coconut Toto Dessert

Simple coconut toto cake slice Jamaican desserts
Image from Renaee’s Cakes

A tasty, quickly prepared cake, coconut toto is a traditional Jamaican dish that can be made in under an hour with ingredients you can find in any local supermarket.

In its original form, the cake used molasses and was cooked over hot coals, but if you have access to an oven you can feel free to use that instead!

Brown sugar can easily be subbed for molasses if you have it on-hand, and if you want even more of a coconut flavor, replace the evaporated milk in the recipe with coconut milk and add even more grated coconut – experiment to your heart’s content.

Find the recipe here at Jamaica Land We Love.

Gizzada Recipe

Gizzada treat closeup
Source: Inside Journeys

Sometimes known as grizzada or pinch-me-round (and guizada in Portuguese!), gizzada is a small, individual tart with a crisp pastry shell and a sweet, spiced coconut filling.

It’s best made with fresh coconuts – you grate the meat straight off its shell and cook it with the nutmeg, sugar and butter before putting it in the pastry shells and pinching them. Hence the nickname.

The dessert is thought to be of Jewish or Portuguese origin, but today it can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone who is willing to invest the time in making it.

Get the recipe from Jamaica Travel and Culture!

Jamaican Mango Cheesecake

Jamaican mango cheesecake slice
Image: Cheesecake Wonderland

Everybody loves a good cheesecake, and in this fruity island version mangoes take the center stage to create a wonderfully summery dessert.

This particular recipe requires a couple of Jamaican-specific ingredients, but the author assures anyone without access should be able to sub in local versions without any major changes in flavor!

While the process is a little long, this recipe is a must-try for devout cheesecake enthusiasts.

The recipe is here at Flavorite.

Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding

Best Jamaican desserts sweet potato pudding slices
Picture credit goes to La Vie Naturele

This dessert traditionally meant a lot of hard labor for anyone who wanted to make it – before food processors, all the sweet potato needed had to be grated by hand.

Thankfully, with the invention of food processors, that job is now taken care of and it means a much easier way to enjoy this delicious pudding that’s filled with coconut, raisins and vanilla.

It’s said to be at its most delicious when the top is softer than the bottom, and it’s been so popular for so long in Jamaica that there’s even a riddle with sweet potato pudding as its answer: hell a top, hell a bottom, hallelujah in the middle.

Find out how to make it here at Food.com.

Jamaican Banana Pancakes Recipe

Top Jamaican banana pancakes stack dessert
Image from Sumee’s Culinary Bites

They’re a bit of a staple anywhere in the world, but every country has their own unique spin on the classic pancake. Jamaica does theirs with banana – which is perfect if you’ve got some that are overripe (and since they get too ripe roughly five minutes after you buy them, you probably have some right now).

If you want the authenticity you can make the pancakes from scratch if you like, but to save some time a box of pancake mix wouldn’t go awry.

Just add the mashed bananas and spices and you should be good to go – what a nice alternative to your next Sunday brunch or breakfast in bed.

Plus, for a different twist, you can shape the batter into balls and fry them fritter-style.

Genius Cook has a great recipe here.

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