8 Jamaican Restaurant Locations Around The World, Including London, New York And More

8 Jamaican Restaurant Locations Around The World Including London New York And More

Jamaica Me Crazy – Cape Town

Jamaica Me Crazy Cape TownRight in the middle of Woodstock, Cape Town, sits the highly-rated and cleverly-named Caribbean grillhouse Jamaica Me Crazy.

Priding itself on delivering authentic Caribbean cuisine to the residents of South Africa who journey to eat it, Jamaica Me Crazy’s menu includes heralded chilli poppers, traditional jerk chicken and curry dishes, as well as Trinidadian roti.

Guests to the restaurant also say that for adult diners, the cocktails alone are worth visiting for too, with great pina coladas and a very reasonable happy hour. The website is currently under construction, but if you check back soon it should be up and running again.

Mandy’s Caribbean Bar and Restaurant – Sai Kung

Mandys Caribbean Bar and Restaurant Hong KongIt might seem like an odd place to have a Caribbean-style restaurant, but Mandy’s Caribbean Bar and Restaurant on the Sai Kung Pier has remained popular for many years. What started as a private kitchen in Mandy’s home grew into a fully-fledged restaurant serving up simple Jamaican-fusion food with ingredients imported from the Caribbean for added authenticity. Mandy draws a lot of influence from her time spent in the Caribbean for every aspect of her restaurant, and guests rave about the honest, genuine meals they order – as well as the delightful cocktails on offer. Check out the Facebook page to see more reviews and get directions if you’re ever in the area!

Jamrock Jamaican Restaurant – Rome

Jamrock Jamaican RomeWhen in Rome… you might want to try out this Jamaican restaurant if you’re a little tired of heavy pasta and pizza dishes. Jamrock cooks up true Jamaican soul food with the influence of its African, Indian and European cultures, and always has a great soundtrack playing so you feel like you’re being briefly transported to Jamaica on your Roman holiday. There are plenty of great seafood options at Jamrock, like jerk and coconut prawns as well as some great appetizers and the usual jerk and curry fare you’d expect to find at an establishment like this. Their website (you’ll have to translate it from Italian) is here if you need more info.

Bax Food Co – Melbourne

Bax Food Co AustraliaIt seems Caribbean eats are hard to come by in Australia, so folks jump on any chance they have to experience it – and thankfully Melbourne’s Bax Food Co also happens to make great food. The restaurant actually doubles as a storefront, selling ingredients for patrons to make their own Jamaican creations at home, but even if you are looking to stock your kitchen, make sure you take the opportunity to sit down and have a meal of jerk roast corn, oxtail stew or delicious sweet potato pudding. On top of that, they also have a food truck that roams the city and will be sure to satisfy all your on-the-go cravings for jerk dishes. Check out the website or the food truck’s Facebook page to follow its progress.

Top 8 Jamaican Restaurants Around The World

This list is only scratching the surface, so if there are any great picks we’ve missed make sure to let us know in the comments! Plus, if you’ve been to any of these restaurants we’d love to know how they really stack up.

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