6 Positive Messages We Should Share With Our Young Black Women

6 Positive Messages We Should Share With Our Young Black Women

Black girls are growing up in a very challenging world. There are many stereotypes that are put on them by society, and sadly, these stereotypes can greatly affect their lifestyle and decisions they make. The results of this can be detrimental if a positive role model isn’t there to help them along the way.

So as someone who aims to have a positive impact on our young black women, what are some of the lessons you could be sharing with them? Here are 6 of our favorites; please share if you agree.

You’re Beautiful

You're beautifulMost of the time, that’s all a girl needs to hear. Unfortunately, for black women, our skin color, hair and body features have been deemed for decades as being unattractive. This is also true for albino black woman. This view by some has a negative effect on many young black women. This needs to stop. You cannot define beauty by trying to get features of another person. It’s impossible. You need to know that you’re beautiful just the way you are. This is something you need to believe. Don’t define your own beauty through the eyes of others. It all starts from within. Tell yourself that you’re beautiful, be comfortable in your own skin and don’t listen to the naysayers.

Your Voice Matters

Your voice mattersYou’re important and so is your voice. Whatever ideas, thoughts and opinions you have, they’re as important as those of others. So don’t feel suppressed and think that your opinion doesn’t matter. As a matter of fact, you should confidently air your voice and let others know what your thoughts on a certain issue. Many women fear being deemed as an angry black woman especially at the workplace. Don’t let this fear bar you from making your voice heard.

You’re Intelligent

You're IntelligentFor some reason, black women are viewed as being daft. This is not the case. You can pursue any career you wish even if you’re a young black woman. People will always have something to say so don’t let their negativity pull you down. Strive to excel in everything you do. If you want to pursue sciences and mathematics, go for it! If you’re an art-oriented person, do it to the very best of your ability. If you’re good at everything, sciences, arts, socializing, you go for it girl! The sky is just the beginning.

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