6 Natural Hair Products You Can Make Yourself

6 Natural Hair Products You Can Make Yourself

4. Max Hydration Method’s Curl-Popping Clay Rinse

Clay homemade hair rinseYou may have admired the Max Hydration Method for its supernatural ability to make Type 4 curls pop. If you don’t have time for the 7-day regimen, then steal this clay rinse recipe for reducing frizz and improving definition.

1 cup of pure clay powder
1-3 cups of warm water
1 tablespoon of honey
1 tablespoon of olive oil

Funnel each ingredient one-by-one into an empty shampoo bottle. Shake the bottle until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Massage the mixture onto unwashed hair, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then work it through your hair again for 10 minutes. Wash out immediately using lukewarm water.

By Max Hydration Method.

5. BlackHairMedia’s Soft and Shiny Shea Coconut Moisturizer

Making natural hair products for African American women with coconut oilNatural hair needs lots of moisture, but heavy, lotion-based creams and butters can make your hair feel soggy and sticky. This shea coconut mixture is the perfect natural moisturizer that will add sheen and volume without stickiness and weight.

1 cup of melted shea butter
1 cup of melted coconut oil

Mix the coconut oil and shea butter. Put the mixture into the refrigerator until it hardens, and then apply to damp or dry hair to revitalize dry strands. This is especially great for twist-outs.

By BlackHairMedia.

6. CurlyNikki’s Herbal Hair Rinse

Herbs in easy homemade hair products you can makeHerbs are good for more than just tea. They can also stimulate your scalp, soften your hair and restore color.

Pitcher of boiling water
One or more of the following herbs –
Catnip promotes hair growth
Chamomile softens hair
Nettle heals dry and flaky scalps
Parsley brightens hair color
Rosemary brings out natural dark highlights
Thyme reduces oiliness

Place four tablespoons of herbs in a glass pitcher and pour in boiling water. Let the mixture steep for 20 minutes then strain out the herbs and let the liquid cool. Wash and condition as usual, then pour the herbal mixture over your hair and do not rinse out.

By CurlyNikki.

6 Natural Hair Products You Can Make Yourself

Making your own natural hair products is simple, fun and healthy for your hair. Try your hand at your favorite recipes, and mix and match ingredients to see what works best for you!

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