6 Home Office Examples That’ll Inspire You to Work Harder

6 Home Office Examples That'll Inspire You to Work Harder

Home offices are great. Whether you need one because you often carry your office work home, you’re self employed and need a space to work at home, or you just need place to sort the bills or help with the kid’s homework.

Whatever the case, you want your home office to both look good and be practical. It should work for you and motivate you to work harder.

But what if you want a redesign and aren’t sure what kind of style to get? No problem, we’ve some great inspiration for you here today! From simple to complex, let’s take a look at 6 home office examples.

1. Vintage Home Office

Vintage home office exampleDo you prefer a classic look for your home office? A vintage look might work for you. You’ll require furniture that looks like it was bought out of a black and white 1920’s movie. Try shopping for this look at an antique shop. You could even ask your grandparents or friends’ grandparents whether they have a vintage chair, lamp, table or stool. With the right arrangement, working from this home office will draw you away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world and take you to a serene vintage world where you’ll be work in peace.

2. Bright Home Office

A black mom working in her bright home officeA bright home office should be both colorful and well-lit. The importance of good lighting can’t be overemphasized! There should be adequate natural light and good reading lamps for the night. As for bright colors, you don’t need to go haywire with them. Simply add a few contrasting colors and you’re set. You can achieve this by using colored curtains, a floor rug, a vase of flowers and colored lamps. What you choose depends on the amount of color you’re comfortable with. You can even add some picture frames with art that you enjoy to add a personal touch to your home office.

3. Super Organized Home Office

Organized home office, great for African American self employed womenAt times, all we need is a little order in our lives. With a super organized home office, you’ll stop worrying about pieces of paper lying around or important bills and coupons disappearing. Create a simple but effective filing and storage system. A good idea is having some boxes with labels indicating what you should put in them. For instance, you can have a box or tray for new arrivals, processed items and items to be discarded. Ensure that you make good use of shelves and drawers to maximize storage space. Another great way of making your home office super organized is by going paperless. With a neat home office, you’ll always be motivated to work harder.

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