These 6 Female African-American Rock Stars Will Rock Your World

These 6 Female African-American Rock Stars Will Rock Your World

4. Militia Vox

Black female rock musician Militia Vox
Photo Credit: Militia Vox Facebook

Militia Vox is well known in the metal world for her unparalleled talent, mesmerizing voice and raw power. She was the front woman for the bands Swear On Your Life and Judas Priestess.

She has also been a host of shows like MTV2 and Fuse. In 2013, she began her journey as a solo metal artist and has released several albums since then.

These include ISOSCELES and THE VILLAINESS. You need to listen to her rock to experience her high-energy, throbbing collection of metal music.

5. Black Female Rock Musician Brittany Howard

Brittany HowardBrittany Howard is the guitarist and lead vocalist of the Alabama shakes band and Thunderbitch band. She used to work as a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service mail carrier before venturing into a full-time music career. Her superb vocals can only be compared to those of great artists such as Mick Jagger, Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin. Howard and her band have received several Grammy nominations for their albums, Boys & Girls and Sound & Color. Brittany Howard is in the rock scene to stay. We can expect to see much from her in future.

6. Shingai Shoniwa, A Famous African English Rockstar

Shingai Shoniwa loves to get her rock on during live performances
Photo Credit: The Noisettes Facebook

Shingai Shoniwa formed the rock band, the Noisettes back in 2013 together with her band mates. Since then, it has been a journey of exploring rock music. Before forming the band, she provided vocal backing for different artists in the indie rock, punk and electronic genres. As a teenager, she learned circus skills which is probably why she’s so colorful on stage. She often performs barefoot and with colorful fashion choices. To top it all, she has been described as “a living, breathing manifestation of the rock & roll spirit” by Rolling Stone magazine. See her perform on this Noisette’s live performance.

These 6 Female African-American Rock Stars Will Rock Your World

These black women are proof that you can be anything you want in life, even a rock star! Feel free to tell us your favorite black female rock star and mention more that aren’t on this list in the comment section.

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  1. I just listened to an editorial/interview about/with Tamar Kali on NPR. It was enough to capture my interest and do a bit of research online. What a fascinating, engaging woman!

    1. Second for Cammie. She is awesome. Their self-titled album is amazing. Her performance of “The Banished Heart” will bring tears to your eyes.

  2. I started listening to Skunk Anansie years ago when I visited Italy and fell in love with Alexis Browns voice. Check out her vocals on “Charlie big potato” you won’t be disappointed.

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