6 Famous Black Vegetarians and Vegans

6 Famous Black Vegetarians and Vegans

4. India Arie

Black Female Vegetarian India ArieAnother vegetarian on our list is neo-soul artist India Arie. While she is big on trying new foods and being open to various experiences,

Arie is very conscious of the foods that she puts into her body on the regular. Her vegetarian lifestyle focuses on incorporating different spices into recipes, like curry and thai spices for example.

Although Arie practices yoga, meditation and maintaining a calm life, she enjoys the bolder side of life when it comes to food. She is here to prove that vegetarian food doesn’t have to be bland.

5. Phylicia Rashad

Phylicia Rashad Vegetarian Actress

Everyone’s favorite TV mom keeps her skin flawless and her youth everlasting with a strict vegetarian diet. Since her teenage years, Rashad had been encouraged by her mother to eat a more plant-based diet and it really stuck for her. Not only does she eat vegetarian food, she eats healthy vegetarian food in order to maintain a functioning inside and outside. Rashad also adds to her healthy lifestyle by practicing Hatha yoga and meditation each day.

6. Brandy Norwood

Singer Brandy Is A Black Vegan WomanFamous in the 90s for her R&B hits like “Almost Doesn’t Count,” Brandy was a vegetarian for most of her life until a few years ago when she decided to go full-on vegan. After struggling with having an eating disorder as a teenager, Brandy decided to try the vegan lifestyle many years ago but it didn’t work out. Since then, she has given a vegan diet a second attempt. Whether vegan or vegetarian, however, she states that living a healthier lifestyle is her ultimate goal.

6 Famous Black Vegetarians and Vegans

Transitioning to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle can be very difficult but we hope you feel inspired by these ladies. Have you recently made the switch? What techniques did you use to make the transition easier? Please share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below.

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