6 Black Female Travelers That Will Inspire You To See The World

6 Black Female Travelers That Will Inspire You To See The World

If you’ve ever heard that Black women don’t travel, you’re not alone. We don’t like to travel, they say. Traveling is not “our thing”, they say. But the truth is, they couldn’t be more wrong!

These six Black female travelers are traversing the globe, one country at a time, and documenting it all on Instagram. Read their stories, follow them, and you, too, may be inspired to go!

1. Escape With Expat @mayatheexplorer

Instagram traveler Maya

Born and raised in Korea Town, Los Angeles, Maya has always been surrounded by many different cultures. But it wasn’t until she studied abroad in college that she actually left the country. Since then, she’s been to 35 countries, including 6 years of living as an expat in Southeast Asia. Her love for introducing her family to international travel inspired her to start her own blog. Through it, she is hoping to inspire others to take the leap. Follow her at @mayatheexplorer to see some top places for expats to live.

2. Explore The World With @carleymx

Black female traveler Carley in Morocco

Falling in love with a man who had the same travel ambition she did was how Carley’s desire to travel started. Since March 2014, she’s managed to travel to 8 beautiful cities, fly out to the incredible Bali on a killer 16-hour flight and have the most relaxing trip to Mexico. It’s not easy or cheap but she works hard and feels that traveling is her only escape and reward. A lot of people ask why she “wastes” money on traveling but she believes traveling is the only thing that can make someone richer. Carley thinks everyone should travel and find this out for themselves! Follow her travels @carleymx

3. Venture Off The Beaten Path With @mizzpiqua

Ashley traveling the world, this time in Myanmar

Ashley is an avid adventurer and world traveler. She quit her job and has been traveling around the Pacific and Southeast Asia for over five months so far. Ashley has been to ten countries, including Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and she’s currently in Vietnam! She loves solo backpacking because she can see these countries how she wants to see them. No matter how fast or how slow, or what museum or tasty food she wants to try, she goes for it! After leaving Southeast Asia, Ashley will make her way to Egypt and then Europe. You can follow along @mizzpiqua

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