5 Unique Vacations You Can Have In Africa

Unique Vacations You Can Have In Africa

Some people dream of taking a vacation in Africa, the land where everything you come across is unique. But picking the most unique places to visit can sometimes be a challenge.

But don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you. Here are 5 unique vacations you can have in Africa.

The Rock Churches Of Lalibela In Ethiopia

Explore The Rock Churches Of Lalibela

If you are a Christian, or a history or architecture buff, and plan to take a vacation in Africa, we suggest you take that trip to Lalibela. Located in the north of Ethiopia, Lalibela is a small town which is home to 11 amazing churches. But there’s something special about these churches – they’re underground!

Carved into one single rock, this church complex is an important place for Ethiopian Orthodox worshippers. What makes these churches in Lalibela so unique is that they were built 900 years ago, and up to this day are still in use! People walk for days, even weeks, to come to these churches, and the priests even hold services there every morning!

See Gorillas In Bwindi

Gorillas in the Bwindi National Park

Watching Tarzan live with the gorillas in the wild in the movies is one thing, but taking a trip to see it yourself is another. If you love wildlife, seeing gorillas in the National Park for Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi, Uganda should be your next unique vacation in Africa.

Most people don’t get the chance to see these huge silverbacks up close, but if you head to Uganda, you can make this dream of a lifetime come true. On safari you will be surprised to see how these gorillas live in the wild – they’re not as different from humans as you might think! Don’t forget to carry your camera with you!

Gold Markets In Marrakesh

Black Woman In The Gold Markets OfMarrakesh

Taking a vacation in Morocco and visiting the gold market in Marrakech can also be the unique vacation you’ve been saving up to enjoy. Spend a day in the Berber Museum, buy cloths and more in the souks (Arabic markets) or barter for some silver and gold. Remember to hold enough cash to buy some of the unique souvenirs available.

Marrakech also has some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. If you want a truly authentic Moroccan experience, you can even stay in a riad. These are ancient homes with open courtyards in the middle. Some of them even feature fountains or swimming pools, and they always show off elaborate plasterwork and tiling for a luxury effect.

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  1. Yes! I love this! So much to the continent, so diverse. I often feel that if a person is not into wildlife that they may be led to believe there is nothing there, so wrong. Some of my best spa days were on the continent! But don’t get it twisted the wild life is amazing!

  2. Hi,

    Please add places in West Africa to the list. For example: Lagos, Nigeria or Accra, Ghana.

    Firstly, because they are very developed with skyscrapers, outdoor markets, great shopping, hotels/resorts, great music scene, restaurants, etc. Secondly, because of the of the greater significance that African-Americans have roots in West Africa. It would be quite literally visiting the land of our ancestors. There are lots of YouTube travel vlogs for both of those cities.

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