13 African American Celebrity Couples Who Have Tied The Knot

Married African American Celebrity Couples

Everybody loves a good love story, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite famous African American couples who have gotten – and stayed – married over the years.

Many of the couples on this list have been married for over ten years, proving that love is still alive in a world of celebrity marriages that only last months or even days. Check out who we’ve got and see if there are any cute couples we’ve missed!

P.S: Cute black women white men couples now also on show! 🙂

13. Omar Epps and Keisha Epps

Omar and Keisha Epps are a black couple

The House MD star and his wife have been happily married for almost a decade now. The couple are pretty private; not much is known about how they met, but Keisha (maiden name Spivey) used to be in the R&B group Total, and now raises the couple’s three children, while Omar most recently starred in the TV show Resurrection after his long stint on the popular medical drama House MD. I’d love to read a romance story based around characters like these.

12. Married: Ossie Davis and Ruby Lee

Many of those familiar with another person on our list, Spike Lee, will know Ossie Davis and his wife Ruby Dee from movies like Do The Right Thing and Jungle Fever. But the Hollywood couple had a long history of film, television, and theatre roles, as well as the time they spent helping out with civil rights activism all throughout their lives. The sweet, long-time couple met on the set of Jeb, the play they co-starred in in 1949, and they were together until Ossie’s death in 2005.

11. Samuel L Jackson and LaTanya Richardson Jackson

Black couple Samuel L Jackson and LaTanya Jackson at premiereIconic actor Samuel L Jackson and his wife LaTanya, who is also an actress as well as a producer, have been together since they met in 1974 (they married in 1980). Together they have a daughter, and LaTanya hasn’t worked full-time since – she says she wanted their family to be “revolutionary” and stay together, and thought that was the first step towards it. And it seems to have worked, because they’ve been married over 15 years!

10. Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee, Another African American Couple

Spike Lee and Tanya Lewis LeeSpike Lee is a prominent filmmaker known for focusing primarily on African-American stories in his movies with great success. His multi-talented wife Tonya is in the industry too, working mostly as a producer and on projects that empower and represent both women and black people. The two married in 1993 after meeting when Tonya graduated law school, and they have two kids together.

9. Magic Johnson and Cookie Johnson, Hot Celebrity Couple

African American couple Magic and Cookie JohnsonRetired former NBA basketball player Magic Johnson has been married to his wife Cookie for 24 years – after dating her for 14 years before that. They’re definitely a power couple, but with a relationship so long and a career so public, plus Magic’s struggle with an HIV-positive diagnosis in 1991, they’ve definitely had their ups and downs. Cookie says they were at one point on the verge of separation, but thankfully they managed to work things out and now seem stronger than ever.

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