11 Ways To Know If He Is The Right One For You

11 Ways To Know If He Is The Right One For You

5. He Always Brags About You

Friends having a meal togetherThere is no way anyone can hang around him and not know about you. You are literally the person he talks about the most.

To be precise, the right word to use is brag. He brags about how awesome you are, your achievements and even the special little things you do for him and others.

This is clearly a man that is proud that you are his woman.

6. You’ve Survived A Long Distance Relationship

A black couple taking a nature walkSometimes, having long-distance relationships can be hard. If your relationship has survived and thrived despite any long distance, then you two are meant to be. Even when you are apart, the thought that you will finally be together in the long run is what keeps you going. If this does not make you realize that that is the right man for you, I don’t know what will!

7. He Is The First Person You Share Your Stories With

11 Ways To Know If He Is The Right One For YouHe is the first person you go to when you want to share anything, whether good or bad. You literally can’t wait to go tell him about that former classmate of yours you met while shopping or about that guy who made a pass at you at the cafe. Then you laugh about it and talk some more. You now go to him to tell him the things you used to tell your friends or parents about before he came along.

8. You Can Comfortably Cry In-Front Of Him

A closeup of the faces of a black coupleWhen you are caught up in your emotions, you are comfortable crying even when he is there. He probably knows how you react to different situations. He is also able to distinguish between the time you are crying when you are hurt or when you are just caught up in a movie scene. He lets you cry and does not judge you for that.

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