11 Things A Guy Will Only Do When He Really Likes You

Spending Time

Men can be simple, straightforward creatures. If he likes you, he will show it.

But how does he show it? Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as opening his mouth to say, “I like you,” especially if you make him shy.

So if you really want to know if a guy likes you, keep an eye out for these signs.

1. He Calls You Baby

Bonding with her new man

You can tell a lot about a guy from what he calls you. If he gives you a boyish nickname like “bro” or “sis,” he sees you as a close friend.

If he doesn’t give you any nickname, he sees you as just a friend. If he can’t remember your name, he doesn’t see you at all.

But if he calls you “baby,” that means he’s thinking about physical and/or emotional intimacy. ““Baby” is a name that couples use. It’s gentle.

But beware, if a guy calls you “baby” all the time, then he’s probably a player who uses “baby” so that he doesn’t have to remember anyone’s name.

2. He Picks Up The Tab

A guy picking up the tab shows he likes you

Even if you’re just out as friends, he always pays. In fact, when your drink is running low, he automatically brings you another one, because he’s paying attention and knows what you like.

Seemingly small gestures like these actually indicate that he wants to provide for you.

3. He Doesn’t Make You Compete With His Friends

He's into you if you don't have to compete with his friends

He never cancels plans with you in order to hang out with his friends. In fact, sometimes he pushes back plans with his friends in order to hang with you.

If he really likes you, he’ll introduce you to his friends. That’s never a little thing.

When a guy introduces you to his friends, it’s because he wants you to be part of his circle, and because he hopes that you’ll really click with them.

He takes interest in your friends as well. Even if he doesn’t remember all the details, he asks you about them and has no qualms with hanging out with you and your group.

4. He Argues With You Over Important Things

Signs a man likes you, friendly arguing happens between you

This sounds counterintuitive, but if a guy doesn’t care about your friendship or relationship, he won’t put in the effort to disagree with you.

For example, let’s say you don’t want him to meet your friends because you’re worried they won’t like him. However, he thinks meeting your friends is really important, so he challenges you.

That means he’s putting in the effort to lay a groundwork for something more.If he never disagrees with you but just passively agrees with everything you say, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes you – he just might not be interested in engaging.

If he never disagrees with you but just passively agrees with everything you say, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes you – he just might not be interested in engaging.

5. He Makes Excuses To See You

You know a man likes you if he makes excuses to b around you

He just keeps popping up, even when you don’t have plans set. Heard you were sick? He brings tissues.

He’ll claim that he has an extra ticket to a concert or movie “by chance,” and invite you to go so that he doesn’t have to go alone. He “just so happens” to be in the neighborhood.

He might not like clubbing, but suddenly he’ll be at your favorite spot, throwing it back to Nicki Minaj. If he likes you, he’ll pop up when you least expect it.

6. He Makes The Conversation About You

If he talks about you a lot he likely likes you

Talking to some people is like yelling at a brick wall; they don’t engage. If a guy is so self-obsessed that he only talks about himself and never asks about you, then he is this brick wall: You could walk away and he would just keep talking.

But if he actually asks questions, remembers details and engages in conversation, that means that he cares. He’s trying to connect with you on a philosophical and emotional level. He cares about what’s going on in your life.

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