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11 Best Soul Food Restaurants In America

Best Soul Food Restaurants in America That You Will Love

Shirley Mae’s Café In Louisville, America

Shirley Mae's Cafe and Bar

If you prefer to dine with a touch of vintage, Shirley Mae’s Café, located on South Clay Street, Louisville is your one-stop soul food eatery.

Shirley Mae’s fried chicken, ham hock, and hot water cornbread are house favorites and must tries should you decide to dine with the authentic eatery.

They’ve celebrated over 30 years in business, and each day as Shirley Mae turns in for work, her goal is to enhance the meals she prepared the day before.

Kountry Kitchen Soul Food Place

Kountry Kitchen Soul Food Place

Kountry Kitchen Soul Food Place is an Indianapolis-based restaurant with a touch of soul for those who need a home away from home.

Their fried catfish is a home favorite, but you’re more than welcome to spruce up your order with their jumbo shrimp, greens, and yams.

Kountry Kitchen Soul Food Place has been in operation for over 20 years and is known for serving some of the best salmon patties.

BLVD Bistro

BLVD Bistro Soul Food Restaurant

BLVD Bistro combines soul food and good music to create a welcoming environment for its customers.

The restaurant has a casual-chic vibe, and the owner (chef) adds a spin or personal touch to the soul foods you love to make them taste even more heavenly.

At any given day, you can stop by to savor their delicious “fried chicken sliders on buttermilk biscuits”, or their black-eyed peas with andouille sausage.

BLVD Bistro is located on Frederick Douglass Blvd, NY


The Busy Bee Café

The Busy Bee Café Soul Food Restaurant

The Busy Bee Café started its operations in 1947, serving authentic Southern foods from scratch.

Busy Bee’s peach cobbler is out of this world, and their oxtails and catfish are must-haves.

Although the area is small and can be cramped with a bit of wait time, its dishes make up for it.

After all, if the eatery wasn’t busy, it wouldn’t be called “The Busy Bee” to begin with.

The restaurant is located in the heart of Atlanta.

Houston’s “This Is It Soul Food”

Houston’s “This Is It” Soul Food

Houston’s “This Is It” Soul Food Restaurant is undoubtedly one of the older African American eateries based in Houston, Texas.

The staff wears a friendly and professional demeanor and the food menu is delicious.

Most customers who venture into this side of town enjoy the restaurant’s beef sausage, beef oxtail, and banana pudding.

Throughout the decades, Houston’s ‘This Is It” has catered to many politicians, entertainers, tourists, and locals.

Best Soul Restaurants In America, Conclusion

Delicious Soul Food Meals Served at Soul Food Locations

Your soul food restaurant of choice largely depends on the location in which you find yourself, and the sort of vibe you’re looking for.

These locations are all suitable to relax and unwind with your family as light music plays in the background, laughter fills the air, and good food whipping up the kitchen.

Whatever soul food restaurant location you choose, you can be confident that you’re being served classic and authentic meals.

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