11 Delicious Soul Food Restaurants In America

Best Soul Food Restaurants in America That You Will Love

Soul food restaurants provide tasty, memorable meals that make your tongue sing from the herbs and spices used.

These eateries aren’t always fancy in appearance, but the cozy and modest environment serves as a safe place away from home.

Soul food restaurants serve all the decorated and mouth-watering dishes and staples you enjoy at home, taking you back to classic, authentic cooking.

If you want some of these dishes but don’t want to bother with the cooking, here are some of the best soul food restaurants in America.

All serve a mixture of Southern and African American treats.

Martha Lou’s Kitchen Is A Top Soul Food Restaurant

Martha Lou's Soul Food Restaurant

Martha Lou’s Kitchen is no babe to whipping up delectable, soul-stirring meals.

As a matter of fact, the modest soul food restaurant, located on Morrison Drive, Charleston, has been serving locals and tourists soul foods for the past 30 years.

The restaurant keeps it real, and you can find the woman behind the brand, Martha Lou, dishing out a good ole’ plate of homemade style fried chicken on any given day.

There’s no fancy-schmancy ambiance or price tag attached to Martha Lou’s kitchen, so don’t shy away from treating yourself to real, authentic fried chicken, lima beans, and macaroni and cheese.

The food is that good you’ll roll your eyes.

Willie Mae’s Scotch House

Willie Mae's Scotch House

Willie Mae’s Scotch House is widely known for their tasty, mouth-watering fried chicken, and was even recognized by the Travel Channel and Food Network as such.

The restaurant, now operated by Willie Mae’s great-granddaughter, continues to fix classic African American food.

Should you find yourself in the New Orleans region and in need of a good bite, Willie Mae’s Scotch House is located on the 6th Ward, a few blocks away from the French Quarters.

Amy Ruth’s Serves Southern Cuisines

Amy Ruth's Soul Food Restaurant

Amy Ruth’s homestyle Southern cuisines are worth the hassle; they’re to die for.

Located in the heart of Harlem, the eatery is a great location to wind down should you’re ever traveling alone or with friends in New York.

The eating house is known for its servings of waffles, especially when paired with meat varieties, including fried chicken, pork, steak, even shrimp and catfish.

Amy Ruth’s soul food restaurant lives on as a memory of her, as Carl S. Redding, Amy’s grandson, dedicated the eatery to continue her legacy after opening shop in 1998.

Florida Avenue Grill

Florida Avenue Grill Soul Food Restaurant Is One Of The Best

This is one soul food location that has seen it all, since its launch in 1944 by Lacey C. Wilson Sr. and his wife Bertha.

“The Grill”, as the establishment is passionately called, is one of the longest standing soul food restaurants, and despite various changes in ownership, it has maintained its culture and vision.

The restaurant is huge on customer service, and in addition to their classical soul foods, they’ve recently added a bit of vegan touch to promote more healthy meals.

If you’re looking for an eatery with a whole lot of history, The Grill is located in Washington, District of Columbia.


Sylvia's Soul Food Restaurant

Sylvia’s prides itself as the “Queen of Soul Food.”

The iconic eatery has been operating since 1962, and to this day, continues to fill stomachs, and leave watering the mouths of locals and travelers.

Sylvia’s is known for its warm-hearted customer service and professional staff, but it’s the soulfulness of the meals served at the location that keeps customers coming back.

If you’re ever visiting the Harlem area of New York and wish to treat yourself, Sylvia’s doors are wide open, waiting to serve up their tasty smothered fried chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, cornbread, and collard greens.


Alcenia's Southern Style Cafe

One of the best things about Alcenia’s is its atmosphere.

It’s a happy, fun-filled eatery to chillax with family and friends, and the owner, Betty Joyce, has a golden heart.

Located on North Main, Memphis, Alcenia’s is celebrated for its sweet condiment, “Cha Cha”, and apple butter but their sweet potato cobbler, salmon croquettes, and egg custard is just as appetizing.

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