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10 Steps To Dealing With The Mother-In-Law And Living Harmoniously

10 Steps To Dealing With The Mother In Law And Living Harmoniously

Step 5: Include Your Mother-In-Law In Your Kid’s Lives

A happy extended African American familyDespite the bad blood between both of you, always remember that your MIL is still the grandmother to your kids. Let her be involved in your children’s lives.

Ensure that they have a good relationship with their grandma. Take them to her place or let them go out with her if you’re living in the same house. Appreciate the stuff she does for your children.

You’ll find that fostering a good relationship between your kids and their grandmother will enable you to live harmoniously with your MIL.

Step 6: Deal With Your Mother-In-Law By Focusing On The Positive

A happy family enjoying the outdoors after the in laws have been dealt with calmlyFocusing on the positive does a lot of good for you and your family. Instead of viewing your MIL as the enemy, focus on the good things she’s done for you, your husband and your kids. Whether it’s babysitting, giving you a place to stay, buying stuff for the kids, there must be something good she’s done. You can even send her a gift with a card telling her how much you appreciate her. Believe it or not, she does most things out of love, even when she’s downright annoying. Always make sure you focus on the positive stuff.

Step 7: Be Yourself

A happy nuclear familyMost women feel the need to present themselves in a certain way to their mother-in-law. This is based on the assumption that your MIL expects you to behave in a certain way. Living in pretense won’t help you. It’ll only leave you feeling frustrated. Be yourself even when you’re with your mother-in-law as long as you’re not being disrespectful. The sooner you get to know each other well, the easier it will be for you and your MIL to get along. She’s not an enemy, so don’t scrutinize every single thing she does.

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